The Avengers (2012)


Guess what? I watched it twice in 2 different countries! lolz. And both time in 3D. The 2nd time I was supposed to go see it but turns this was the only movie showing at the time we wanted to watch and I was the only one who has seen it, the rest haven’t. Anyway, I didn’t mind even if I had to see it for the 3rd time. That’s how awesome it was. The Avengers is like on a whole new level of awesome. It also sets a new benchmark for action movies. I love Josh Whedon for not only living up to my high expectation for the movie but also exceeding it. That’s really rare for me. On top of that they pick all my favorite actors to cast! How epic is that. The Avengers is probably the only movie that almost every main character in it has their own movie(s).

In The Avengers, we see the Hulk is not played by Edward Norton but instead by Mark Raffalo. I was rather disappointed but after the movie, I thought he too did a terrific job as Bruce and the Hulk. I also was afraid that amidst all the experience and more senior actors, Chris Evan may not play well as a Captain. He might be intimidated, you know. But guess what? I was utterly wrong. He held his ground and did his Captain thing with style. This is like the epitome of superheroes and action movie.

Lastly, the one saddening about it is that it seems quite a number of people (at least those around me) have no idea of the Avengers until this movie is released. So all Avengers mean to them is a title of a movie. This makes them unable to really fully comprehend the awesomeness and epics of this movie and really fully appreciate it. But all in all, Avengers is definitely 1 of the MUST-SEE movies of all time.

The Avengers (2012)

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