Battleship (2012)


This movie is kinda special because it’s my first time watching in Cambodia’s Cinema. Another alien invasion movie. Seems like people never get sick of coming up with alien invasion movies. And this time it’s a lizard-like alien. This is probably one of the weakest alien race of all the alien races came out in the movies. Beside great mobility in water, their ships seems to have quite a lousy attack for an alien technology and the defense system is definitely a joke. Even an ancient battleship artillery can destroy this alien ship. (-__-) Well I gotta say the only awesome thing is their isolation shield. But I really doubt that’s good enough for a planetary invasion. So yes if you take all that away Battleship is quite a decent movie to watch. Never it’s forgettable. So watch it or not won’t make much of a difference.

Battleship (2012)

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