I’m sure everyone has borrowed and lend people something at some point in our lives. And there’s always a lot of different discontent can arise from let people borrow stuff. Maybe we’re not happy that he/she didn’t take care of it or he/she lend it to somebody else… etc. There’s 1 particular discontent that bugs me recently. It’s the discontent you get when somebody borrows something from you and you know at that very moment that if you were to lend him/her, he/she will just going to keep borrowing. So then you were stuck in a dilemma whether to just say I don’t want to lend or just make up some excuses not to lend. The first is never really practical, it’s always either I lend or make up excuses.

A few months ago someone I barely knew suddenly borrowed me 20 bucks and explained at great length why he/she needed the money and would pay me back in 1 month time. Immediately, I was reluctant. Not because $20 is a lot of money but simply because I just knew if I lend him/her, that someone will just keep borrowing. Still, I lent. S0 1.5 month later, he/she returned me the $20. Then about 3 or 4 weeks later he/she again borrow $20 and promised would return the following month. Seriously, my first reaction on the 2nd time was just “I knew it!”. Of course despite what I felt, I still lent. But what I just don’t understand is how can one can just keep borrowing thing from people and not realizing that they don’t like it. The fact that they lend you today is in no way an indication that you can keep borrowing.

There’s also another thing about me that makes this more disturbing is the fact that I’m the type of person don’t like borrowing things from people unless there’s no other way. And even if I do, I would make sure that I wouldn’t have to keep borrowing him/her repeatedly. Hence, of course that goes both way. I also dislike it when people do that to me.

I always thought being considerate is common sense but apparently, if it is, common sense would be a subject in school.


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