Dark Knight Rises (2012)



Christopher Nolan did it again. He bless us with yet another incredibly awesome movie. The Dark Knight Rises easily adds itself to the list of best movies of all-time. Just when you thought that The Dark Knight was so good, he could he top it off? Yet he did it. I’d have to salute the man. Honestly, I was never really a bit fan of the Batman, both cartoon and movies. And I don’t even read the comics at all. Not that I don’t like comics, it’s just that from where I come, we don’t have access to US comics. But oh well, I started watching simply because of Christopher Nolan. A fan or not, I knew he’d work his magic and make Batman awesome, which of course he did.

Anyway, on with The Dark Knight Rises. I won’t go so far to say it’s better than The Dark Knight. It’s amazing in different way. The highlight of The Dark Knight was the villain-the Joker. However, in The Dark Knight Rises was everybody and on top of that there is a better story line. In Batmin Begins, Batman is awesome! in Dark Knight, Joker is awesome! However in Dark Knight Rises everybody is is awesome! well with the exception of Marinda. I would like to especially high light Cat Woman because before the film released I read a number of article about people being skeptical over Anne Hatheway’s suitability for the role as Cat Woman. I think she has just proven them all wrong. I think she did a superb job as Cat Woman. After watching the show, I couldn’t think of anybody else who’s more suited for the role.

All in all, I think the Batman trilogy are all incredibly amazing, I don’t rate anyone higher than the other because to m, these 3 combined is simply 1 big extended movie divided into 3 parts each having different theme and highlighting different things. So you gotta watch them all, be amazed and become a fan!

Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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