I would like to take this post to show my respect for writers. I always knew that writing require inspiration and right mood. But what I hardly knew was the feeling of frustration when you want to write sth so badly but you simply just can’t put it into words. Because usually, I would be looking at my blog and suddenly feeling like writing some posts. However, since I started working, with my busy schedule, I would noting down the topic and post I’d want to write about in To-Do list and write about it when I have free time. Well I thought that could work. But when the free time comes, I just sat there staring at the screen blankly and wondering what was I supposed to write on this topic… oh wait I remember but sh*t! how to put it into words…

So now I know. You can’t simply wait to write, it’s either you write the moment the mood and inspiration hit or you don’t write at all. Even today, I was on the verge of losing the mood to write this post too. So all in all, writers. RESPECT!


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