iPhone 5

Well well, finally it’s here. The announcement was made and there were a lot of buzz and anticipation. And when it was finally announced officially, there were just pretty much a lot of disappointment and mockery… from FB to 9gag.

But oh well so much for the buzz. As we all probably know by now the upgrade offered in iPhone 5 pretty much sucks. There are just so much negative things comment and jokes about the iPhone 5 around now that it’ll just be boring mention another. So instead I have 1 positive thing to say about the iPhone 5 and that is the iPhone 5 announcement is practically a free advertisement for Samsung Galaxy SIII. This is also yet another solid proof of how much Apple needs Steve Jobs.

With that said, I think they will still do well since they are already having such a huge fan base. Plus, there’re many users using iPhone 4 and didn’t upgrade to iPhone 4S. But I’m not a fan, so I’m looking at this objectively. And objectively, Galaxy SIII is like much better choice right now. All in all, I think this is just a corporation war. For normal users whichever doesn’t really make much difference since I don’t think any of us would utilize all those alien feature. Whether it’s iPhone 5 or Samsung SIII, it simply just a matter of which you prefer and which would benefit and serve your need better. I find it pointless when people debate over which is a better phone. Technically, SIII is a better phone. So get over it. And of course design and physical build wise, I would give it to iPhone.  So there you have it. Whichever, you prefer and need should ultimately be the deciding factor to which phone you’re going to get. Not because your friends say “Why you buy Samsung? Samsung suck.!” or “Why you buy iPhone? SIII so much better”.

iPhone 5

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