10 Years

A long time? not quite… that’s exactly how long batch mates and I have been away from home. From high school to JC, to University and on to working life. A long journey indeed but thinking back, it felt like a flash.

Anyway, today we had our 10 years anniversary. All of us have grown both physically and mentally but in a way, it feels the same. It was a nice and refreshing gathering. We meet up and catch up on each other. I think what made it felt refreshing is because the fact that we were honest with each other, eager to share our stories, and also interested in each other’s life story. I think mainly it’s also because all of us are doing good (if not great) so far. Each of us graduate, got a job, and found our partner, which pretty much what makes us feel good about ourselves.

Our chit chat also got me looking and reflecting on things and the changes we’ve all gone through. I think a lot of thing has certain changed for me since then… my life purpose, my goals, and things I want to achieve in life. They’ve been changing and shaping unexpectedly. I guess saying that you can’t plan for life is quite true for me. However, I think it’s changing for the better and it’s also train me to be able to handle the unexpected better. It’s been a great and blessing roller coaster ride so far. And from here it marks our new journey as a full pledge adult. You know the one with work, relationship, family, bills and financial problem and all that stuff to think about take care of… lolz

10 Years

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