FIFA 13 vs PES 2013

I realize I haven’t be writing any game post for along time. Well, the reason is fairly simple. I don’t really have much time to play many games nowadays. FIFA 13 and PES 2013 is probably the latest hype for me after Diablo III. I don’t play a lot of sport game. Football is probably 1 of the my few favorite sport games along par with NFS and NBA. I’ve stopped NFS and NBA for quite some years back after I lost track of it. So yeah PES is currently the only sport games I’m playing and still love playing.

Anyway, back to the topic. I’ve been playing Winning Eleven and PES as far as I could remember. I think since like Winning Eleven 2006. So FIFA has always been alien to me. I tried it a few times but somehow, I just couldn’t get used to it (in a short time that I tried). So yeah I always ended up back to WE / PES. However, in recent few years, I’ve been so torn in deciding whether switch to FIFA. When PES 2010, I didn’t like it. It took me awhile to get used to it and switched from 2009. So yeah, that was already 2011 and they are using a new engine. So when I gave 2011 a try, I totally hate it. I couldn’t even bother to make the switch. Hence, I more or less skip 2011 and keep playing 2010. During that time, I would take the time and effort to find and download the new kits, later transfers, and update to latest stats than switching to 2011. So then PES 2012 came out, I got a better. Not as much as I hoped for, but definitely better and more playable. So yes, recently I decided to move on from 2010 after some thought and some testing and practice on the 2012. Anyway, by then, a lot of people were switching to FIFA but I guess I was just too loyal or too lazy. Either one.

Not long after the switch, PES 2013 and FIFA 13 released. So then I was thinking if I should buy PES 2013. But after reading the review I got so turned down. I mean PES 2012 already have a set of flaws that for some reason I manage to adapt to it and live with it (probably coz I’ve just been playing this franchise for too long) but still I would, expect them to actually make improvement or a comeback in 2013 which apparently doesn’t sound so. Then after a few recommendations from my peers and 1 of which is my senior who I used to love playing the game with, I decide it’s about time I make the switch. With that, I bought FIFA 13.  Well, until now I still couldn’t appreciate how is FIFA 13 better than PES because truth to be told, I’m still struggling with the menu, settings and everything. It’s just not that easy when you’ve been used to sth for like almost 10 years and suddenly switching over to something else at this age. So yeah, I’ll probably would only find that out when I’ve become comfortable with the game.

FIFA 13 vs PES 2013

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