Rivalry. Everybody loves rivalry. Despite being educated to be a peace loving, logical, sensible creature (well, at least from where I come from), I’ve long come to realize how most of us enjoy and get entertained by the drama in created from rivalry. People seems to enjoy discussing, debating, challenging, arguing and even fighting over it. And to our satisfaction, there seems to be endless rivalry story for the us to keep following up from economic and politics to sport and IT electronics rivalries. Recently, for some reason, I ended up reading up a lot of news and discussion over various big rivalries.

  • Obama vs Romney
    Another episode of Democrat versus Republican.
  • Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo
    A battle of who’s the best football player on earth.
  • Barcelona vs Real Madrid
    Long drawn battle between the two best clubs in the world.
  • X Box vs Play Station
    Probably an old story.
  • Apple vs Samsung
    A battle to dominate the mobile device market.
  • Apple vs Google
    Mobile OS battle and probably currently a digital GPS map battle too.
  • Google vs Facebook
    I wonder how popular is G+ now…
  • PES vs FIFA
    lolz probably already a one sided battle now… Wonder how many loyal PES player like me remains
  • Pepsi vs Coke
    I think I’m getting carried away… are they still fighting.. I hope they do. 😛
  • HTML 5 vs Flash
    We probably know who’s the winner now… but I still flash is awesome.

Well, I’m pretty sure you have your own list of rivalry that you’re interested and actively following up, discuss and debate with your peers. I think rivalry is more less 1 defining characteristic of nature. I think for the most part we can agree that it’s a good thing if practice correctly. In many way, this competition helps us grow in many. It helps us grow, gives us self satisfaction, makes us feel belong (to whichever side we’re on), aspires, motivates us blah blah blah.. Well, so long as it doesn’t turn out into a blood bath battle… that’s when it’ll just do one and only thing to us…. It destroys us.

Come to think of it, I seriously don’t know what’s the point or purpose of this post. Probably, I just want to remind myself that we don’t always have to get aggressive and fight when we compete. It can and should always be a friendly rivalry.


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