Demise of The King

On 15th Oct 2012. A very tragic news hits Cambodia and its people hard. Former King Norodom Sihanouk passed away. It came as a shock to everyone. Not that because we didn’t expect it. It’s just that we weren’t ready to hear it. The has lost yet another great man. Medias spraying the news all over the world, social network exploded with statuses, shares, and comments on their sadness over death. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that his nation and people love and respected him and that he’s a great man.

Honestly, I’m no patriot nor did I have any great attachment for my country. As far I as I remember, I’ve been more or less educated and grown up overseas, and didn’t see many positive things about my country. But from the fact that there so much love and respect for him says a lot about a man. Patriot or not, I respect and salute a great man and mourn his death. My condolences and wish he rests in peace.

Demise of The King

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