Android Jelly Bean

After my friend received the update and tempted, I finally updated my SIII to Jelly Bean. I didn’t get the update in the menu Software Update though. I did the manual update. Well if you want instruction to do so is all over the net. Just need to pick the more recent one to get the correct version of update.

Now on the my opinion on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy SIII. Well, first of all I didn’t really follow up much on any Android update and stuff. So I’m starting using Jelly Bean with know prior knowledge at all as of what’s new in Jelly Bean compared to Ice Cream Sandwich. So all comments will be based on user experience and any difference I actually noticed personally. Okay to begin with, I do notice a few subtle different like the change in icon stack interface. They also move around some options to different places. Quite a number of added transition animation probably to improve user interaction experience. Well at least that’s how I felt on Jelly Bean. Though it look pretty much the same as Ice Cream Sandwich, you somehow get the feel that it’s more responsive, more interactive, and kinda smooth. I thought Ice Cream Sandwich was already very smooth but Jelly Bean is even smoother. So on the a whole, definitely a better experience on Jelly Bean.

However, if you’re thinking of upgrading you probably might want to give a second thought. Because, seems like running Jelly  Bean consume your phone battery faster. And I’m talking noticeably faster. When I switch to SIII, I was so glad that the battery life is great for a smart phone. But after upgrading to Jelly Bean, that’s probably the main factor that makes me regretted upgrading. So if you really value your battery life (especially for 3G users) and can forgo that improvement in user experience by all mean don’t upgrade.

Android Jelly Bean

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