Play Nation

2 Orchard Link
#03-01 SCAPE S237978
Tel: 66343065

Sun to Thu: 14:00 – 23:00
Fri to Sat: 14:00 – 03:00

On my last outing with old friends, we went to this place. It’s like a mixture of Decode Cafe and E2Max. It has gaming station, family games, card games and board games. It costs about $17 per pax for a play room for 2 hrs with pop corn and free flow of drinks. I’m not if the popcorn was free flow or not but I think not. They have the open space game stations where it’s just sofa and TV for you to play and also tables for people who go there to play board games. Then you can also rent a private room to play with your friends which we did.

Anyway, it’s a thumbs down from me. I had a bad experience there. The room was kinda too small for 6 of us and the flooring was bad. Then room was stuffy as well. Their equipment looks pretty run down. Well this speaking from a guy with high expectation when it come to gaming and board gaming environment. I mean when you can arrange and find your own play space better than what they provide for free, that’s when you know the place is not up to expectation. I’m not sure if people go there because it’s cheap since I don’t really know the average price for this kinda of thing.

Play Nation

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