Skyfall (2012)


I wasn’t planning to see this movie at all. I don’t particularly like the latest Bond series from Daniel Craig at all. Strangely from the little I remember from the James Bond franchise is that James Bond is nothing like Daniel Craig or how Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace portrays.

Anyway, as I was browsing IMDB, I see Skyfall has a rating of whooping 8.1. So I was like what heck let’s trust the IMDB netizens and check this movie out. I gotta say, I’m impressed. I think Sam Mendes did a superb job on it. It’s pretty resembles the Bond I remember. Not just packed the show with actions and explosions but a lot of witty conversation, classy scenes, and the usual classic backdrop and Bond’s music. And I thought the plot itself is great too. It digs inside MI6 and Bond’s personal life as the movie goes and give us a better understanding of everything. On top of that, I love the work on the cinematography too. I can feel like a lot of effort was put into obtaining beautiful and classy scenery and background. I’m no expert on all this kind of stuff but that’s just how I feel when I see the movie. And a lot of scenes made me go “wow, that’s awesome!”.

So all in all, it was worth it. Definitely should check it out. However, if you love the Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, you maybe a little disappointed with lack of actions and gadgets.

Skyfall (2012)

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