Looper (2012)

This is probably one of the few movies that I disagree with the average user rating in IMDB. I really don’t feel that it’s worth an 8.0. It’s barely a 7.0 for me. I’m just thinking is it because there are big names starring movie and makes the rating good? Or is it just that this is not my kind of movie. I had that once with Public Enemies. So well it’s not the first time.

As much as I’ve heard, it’s supposed to be a time travelling movie. But after seeing it for myself, I call bullshit on that. I mean practically there was only one time that they did any time travelling scene which is when Bruce Willis, as the older Joe, went back to the past. Hence to put it accurately, the movie contains time travelling concept but not focusing any thing on time travelling. And I mean literally not focusing. They just simply go about using time travelling without any explanation to the logic. If as viewer, you can take it for what it is and not questioning and logic involved, then you would have less problem appreciating the movie by just absorbing the story.

However, if you’re the kind of people like me, it’s a different story. For me, I become distracted and turn my focus and attention to the logic and in turn, direct my anticipation into waiting for the explanation of the logic. So when until the end of the show, and there’s none. That sucks. So then you kinda feel that the movie is ruined. This is the exact same reason why I love the Matrix so much because they’re able to take a novel and relatively unimaginable logic and explains it throughout the movie which allows me to appreciate everything. I’m not saying it supposed to follow law of physics and stuff. But come on, there are so many time travelling movies, cartoons and books over the years. And after watching so many of them, I have more or less developed a so-called standard understanding and expectation for time-travelling. So when you decide to go out of that logic like having “I can only remember and see what you do after you do them.” and the repercussion on the time continuum stuff when he did something like kill himself, I feel the need to have some explanation to be able to appreciate that. There’s also a tiny bit the whole telekinesis part that I can’t seems to appreciate as well.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m being too geeky here. So I would simply concede that I was way too distracted about all that said above to really appreciate any story in the movie.

Looper (2012)

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