One of the very popular songs in recent year. This song been covered by so many YouTuber and Reality shows. I’ve listened quite many cover version of this song that I really like. Then I just wonder which one I like most? So here’s my list.

#1Titanium (Cover) by Madilyn Bailey

I’m really torn between this one and the one by Beatrice (#2) but since Beatrice didn’t do the full song, I guess I’ll give it Madilyn. I think for anyone who’s been following YouTube musician they would know Madilyn. I’m no music expert. It’s just base on feeling. Basically her version gave me the most goosebumps, hence it’s my most favorite.  Plus, I’ve always liked her voice.

#2 – Titanium by Beatrice Miller

If you follow XFactor USA this year, you would undoubtedly know who’s Beatrice Miller. I feel her voice seems so suited for this song especially when she went into chorus.

#3Titanium (Cover) by Tiffany Alvord

I like this piano version done by Tiffany. She doesn’t have that powerful voice for this song but I think she kinda make it feel different. In a good way. I enjoy listening to it over and over.

So these are my top 3. There many more good ones out there. Here are some more of the good ones I’ve listen to.


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