Life of Pi (2012)



To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this movie. If we are just talking graphic and cinematography, I think it’s amazing. I’m so curious to how they manage to film those beautiful scenes. I felt like I have been taken on a short journey through the Pacific ocean and feel its wrath and beauty. Simply breathtaking. Couldn’t imagine how awesome it would be to experience it for real. I think it would suck, since I would probably be scared as hell and die soon afterward. So yes watching Life of Pi is definitely way better and way cheaper than a cruise across the Pacific Ocean for me.

My first thought when the show ended was… “what the hell?’. I was a bit irritated with a little bit of frustration. The movie started of by introducing you what you may come to think as whole point of the story and gave anticipation to how the story would revolve to answering the great question. Then it went on to show you this incredibly unbelievable story of a young man surviving a shipwreck drifting across the ocean. And that was it. True, he did mention stuff about God was testing him, and when he hits the bottom, God would give him a little break and a little push so that he could rest then pick up from there and move on. But that was all just what were expected of the story and it definitely is not a revelation. What I was kinda hoping to see was something of the author’s insight to this story. What does Pi taking on many religions has any thing to do with incredible journey, and what this incredible journey concludes about religions and ultimately God himself? Then I thought probably they purposely leave it at that and let viewers choose what to think for themselves.

I’ve always have my own solid opinion and view of religion. Nevertheless, I always love to hear or read others’ perspectives and insights pertaining to this topic. So yeah well, I was rather disappointed with the ending. But that doesn’t take anything away from the movie. You can simply go to see it just simply for the sheer beauty of the show. So definitely recommended.

Life of Pi (2012)

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