Lionel Messi


Yesterday was yet another historic day in football world. An epic win for Manchester United over Manchester City. And the great Lionel Messi broke yet another record. By scoring two goals for Barcelona against Real Betis yesterday, Messi broke Gerd Muller’s most-goal-scored-in-one-calendar-year record which lasted well over 40 years. Gerd Muller’s record was 85 goals in 1 calendar year. Messi’s second goal against Real Betis was his 86th goal of 2012. I’m obviously very happy and extremely in awe of his latest achievement. I think there were almost no doubt that he would break it since there are still quite a number of matches to go in 2012 and from the way he’s going, it doesn’t seem like anyone could stop him from scoring. Let’s see if he can take it to 90 in the remaining 3 matches.

As expected, the media outburst and all the buzzes. And quite obviously, a lot of hates and negativity going around in the comment section. I really don’t understand these people. It almost seems like they enjoy going around bashing people’s success. Probably they do. I’m not football fanatic nor am I a big fan of any football club. I watch sport simply because I enjoy the sportsmanship and the amazing feat these sport men display. Like him or not, you’ve gotta accept that he’s an exceptional player. His rise to legendary stardom may resulted from more than just his sheet talent and that’s tremendous support from his extremely talented team mates but we’ve gotta see that it also take a great player to utilize those support and turn it into results. In short pick up the pass and turn it into goals. I’ve been watching Messi since he only more or less only knew how to dribble like a mad cow until he turn into a scoring a machine. I think the man has made a tremendous progress from being a pointlessly amazing solo dribbler to an incredible team player yet still amazing soloist.

The standard argument (or maybe a statement) of some of the people I’ve seen on the net is that if you were to put Luiz Suarez, Kun Aguero, Rooney, Robin Van Persie, or Falcao (whichever great striker you love) into Messi’s place they would do just as well or maybe even better. They would just easily break those records. Do I think so? No, I don’t. No doubt, each of these strikers are top-notch probably one of world’s best strikers. I have a lot of love and respect for them but I still don’t think that given Messi’s place in Barca side, they would be able to score the amount of goals and display solo brilliance the way Messi does. And Messi doesn’t just get goals, he also get assists, which is an amazing feat. Barca has been having some really legendary strikers that I love like Ronaldhino and Ronaldo. They are people that have been in Messi’s place and have achieved greatness but yet cannot generate the record that Messi does. Well, again if you come up to say “Yeah, that’s because Ronaldhino and Ronald are crap they earn everything because of their talented team mates. If you put any other striker there, they would do just as well.” then I seriously don’t know how you enjoy watching this sport.

Personally, I celebrate and respect every player that displays amazing performance on the field and give great entertainment to the fan and the sport. The only player that I dislike even when they’re damn good is a player with attitude problem (on and off the field). Players like Ibrahimovic and Drogba, I love them so much in PES because they’re great with no attitude but in real life, another story. Well then again attitude problem or not can be subjective as well depending of how big of a fan and how blinded you are. I think one great controversial example would be Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). I have a group of friends adore him so much and another group think he’s a cocky bastard. But both agree that he’s a legendary player. Without Messi, he would be standing of top of the football world. I like him best when he was still a mid fielder in Man U. He played so well and display great humility. One of my greatest joy will be to see him back in Man U alongside Rooney and Van Persie. Then we would be seeing some epic game in EPL and UCL.

All in all, I don’t see why people should be going around with so much hate. We all should be joyful that we’re alive to witness the day history is made and live to tell our children and grand children that “I lived in a time of Messi and CR7, and son, you really miss out some great football.”

Lionel Messi

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