Interesting Stuffs #001

Wow 12/12/12 has a lot of interesting news, I’d like to comment on…

MovieHobbit Director despairs of iPad-Movie-watcher

I totally agree on the larger screen and more immersive experience part but not on the 3D. Kinda contradictory of me but for a short sighted person, I’m still finding current 3D is not natural enough and it’s a drag to watch 3D with the 3D glasses. I get dizzy, headache and teary eyes during the show which more or less ruin the experience instead. So unless until 3D evolves to stage where we can experience it with naked eyes, I’m not a fan.

Music: Disco queen Donna Summer to join rock Hall of Fame

Well, if you care. I think this is something big to be in this Hall of Fame along with all the legends like Aerosmith and Elvis Presley. But oh well I’m not big Rock n Roll fan, but I love Aerosmith and Elvis Presley. So I think to be honored along side with them is big.

Sport: Arsenal eliminated by Bradford on penalties in League Cup

Arsenal… Arsenal… what are you doing? I think after this Arsene Wenger will get a few more wrinkles on his face. This poor performance will surely get a lot of criticism from media and also bashing from fans as well. This is just surprisingly poor performance from this big club. They have some really good players, so I hope somehow they put themselves together soon.

Internet: Yahoo overhauls email for Web, mobile

It really took them quite a while to figure this out but too gmail has already advance pass that. Anyway, I’m looking forward to what they’d do with this new found epiphany. Hopefully, they can come up with something intelligent for all of us to enjoy.

Space: US sends futuristic X-37B plane back into space

Juicy news for space fanboy? I’m for one not excited. Honestly, I’ve never really been excited about space news. I’m very a earth person. My impression whenever we make some space breakthrough is that with the time and money they spent on space they could use some of that to save the earth.

NK: North Korea launches rocket in defiance of critics

I really hope the end of all these is just political games.

Finance: SIA sells stake in Virgin Atlantic for $439m

Implication? I have no idea. I guess SIA no longer think that VA is so virgin any more better sell them out for hundreds of millions and make headline news.

Interesting Stuffs #001