Movies-To-Watch List

Just when I thought 2012 is an awesome year for movies… then I watch 2013 movie trailers, and I can’t wait for 2013 to come.

And my movies-to-watch list suddenly grows very long…

  1. 20-Dec-2012Wreck-it Ralph
    Disney and video games. Won’t go wrong for me. I think the idea of the movie is really great.
  2. 14-Feb-2013 – Escape From Planet Earth
    Voiced by Brendan Fraser and Jessica Alba… Well it’s just sth about 3D animation that I must watch.
  3. 14-Feb-2013A Good Day To Die Hard
    It’s sth about the phrase “Die Hard” combine with the name “Bruce Willis” that makes me want to give it a shot. It’s funny that Valentine’s day is a good day to die hard.
  4. 01-Mar-2013 – Jack The Giant Slayer
    I think this is yet another spin off from Jack and The Bean Stalk just an attempt to make it more epic… Well we’ll see about that.
  5. 22-Mar-2013 – Olympus Has Fallen
    Haven’t seen the trailer for this one. But it’s Gerrard Butler! Though all shaven and clean (from the poster at least) I still have to check it out. Also got Morgan Freeman.
  6. 22-Mar-2013 – The Croods
    Dreamwork. Gotta watch.
  7. 29-Mar-2013G.I Joe: Retaliation
    I didn’t really like The Rise of Cobra but Retaliation looks more promising with addition of Bruce Willis and Dwayne Jhonson. I’m really looking forward to it.
  8. 01-Apr-2013 – Oblivion
    This just looks cool. My type of genre and the design and settings look great too. Tom Cruise on a mission who doesn’t wanna sit in?
  9. 03-May-2013 – Iron Man 3
    Nuff said.
  10. 17-May-2013 – Star Trek Into Darkness
    Unexpectedly, I came to love the first Star Trek release in 2009 so much. So yeah definitely looking forward to the 2nd installment.
  11. 24-May-2013 – Fast and Furious 6
    So they really are not planning to end it at 5. Haven’ t seen the trailer, but I’ll most likely go to see it anyway.
  12. 07-Jun-2013 – After Earth
    Father and son couple up in a movie again… this time isn’t about the pursuit of happiness but the fight for survival.
  13. 14-Jun-2013 – Man of Steel
    I’ve never been a fan of Superman and never like any Superman movies but there is just some magic about Christopher Nolan that most likely will make this movie awesome. I wasn’t a big fan of batman either but seeing how much I love his batman trilogy, Man of Steel definitely 1 of my must-watch movie of 2013.
  14. 21-Jun-2013 – World War Z
    Another variation of earth destruction. They never tired of coming up with different ways to destroy earth. And I’ll just keep seeing it.
  15. 28-Jun-2013 – Kick-Ass 2
    I’m waiting to see if this is just made to make money off the success and awesomeness of the first or to be yet another kick-ass awesome film.
  16. 12-Jul-2013 – Pacific Rim
    Wow! Alien comes from under the sea… somewhat the monsters and the battles remind me a lot of Ultraman.
  17. 26-Jul-2013 – The Wolverine
    Again nuff said. Definitely must see.
  18. 16-Aug-2013 – Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
    Finally, the second of Percy Jackson is here.
  19. 08-Nov-2013 – Thor: The Dark Worlds
    Here we go. 2nd appearance of Thor solo.
  20. 22-Nov-2013 – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    We all know what it is. Only thing left to do is seeing it.
  21. 13-Dec-2013 – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
    Yet another movie that doesn’t require introduction.

Wow! so roughly I have about 21 movies to catch in 2013 and the trend somehow seems very similar to 2012. A lot of super heroes line up and also number of end-of-world and apocalypse genre. Not that I have any complain. I think they’re awesome. But I would definitely love to see more of fantasy genre with elf, fairies and more of middle earth settings movies beside The Hobbit. Or maybe they can start ripping off some MMORPG into movies.

Movies-To-Watch List