The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)



Another of the middle earth adventure from J.R.R Tokkien comes to live on the big screen. I think it needs no introduction. Definitely another amazing piece of work from Peter Jackson. I’ll never get enough of the middle earth journey. The Hobbit is no exception. The scenery, setting and cinematography are amazing. I think my only problem with The Hobbit is that I compare it with Lord of The Rings. How can you don’t, when it’s just part of the story with different title. So what disappointed me? I’m disappointed because they gave you something super awesome and epic like LOTR trilogy and then give you The Hobbit. Still awesome and epic but not as much then hoping you’d like it better…?? why why… why would you not release The Hobbit before LOTR.

Not that I know why but personally, throughout the show I kept thinking how can this top LOTR? Well it did not. So if for some weird reason you haven’t seen LOTR, I have admit that you’re actually lucky. Finish The Hobbit trilogy then watch the extended version of the LOTR trilogy. That will one epic Middle Earth adventure feast. >_<

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)