Christmas 2012


Wishing everybody around the world a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

2012 has been yet another very eventful year. A lot of things to moan and be thankful for. So let’s go down the list of the events I can recall throughout 2012.

Things I’m thankful for

Obama re-elected – Well, I’m happy that he was reelected and I think a lot of people are.

Robot on Mars – Mankind successfully place a robot on Mar and advance the progress on our space exploration.

Messi break another scoring record – as of last Saturday, Messi has made it to 91 goals scored in 2012, 6 more than the previous record held by Gerd Muller. I’m so happy that he’s doing so great.

3 Epic movies – Avengers, Dark Knight Rise and The Hobbit. Probably 3 of the movies that make u feel great living in this world.

Gangnam Style become Billion Style – well it hits 1 billion views on youtube on 21/12/2012 making it the first youtube video ever to reach 1 billion view.

Survived End of The World – Not that I believe that it’s gonna happen but well, we survived and cheers to that.

I’m also thankful for all the positive things that has been happening to me in 2012.

Things I’m sad for

The Mass Shooting in US – There are 2 majors mass shooting this year in US and God knows how many minor ones. The latter involves the death of 20 innocent children. It doesn’t affect me on any personal level nor did I know any of the victim personally. But what strikes me when I heard the news is no one should ever have to feel the feeling of having to bear the news their children die. You don’t have to feel it to know how extremely painful it is. You can never forget such thing as long as you live. As much as I’m sad for those who’ve passed away, I’m even sadder for those who have to lived through the pain and memory till death.

Conflicts around the world – Political games make many innocent lives suffer.

Christmas 2012

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