Wreck-It Ralph (2012)



Wreck-It Ralph is a story about an arcade game bad guy Wreck-It Ralph from the game Fix It Felix who’s unhappy with being a bad guy and live alone and rejected in the dump. So in order to get approval and acceptance from the peers in his game, he game jump (basically mean he enters another game which he’s not supposed to and is illegal) to try go get a gold medal to show his peers that a bad guy can get medal and in turn, would get their praise and acceptance.

I didn’t like the story that much. The animation is so-so. But when I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew I was going to watch it. It’s a childhood thing I guess. I was born in the golden age of Arcade. So when I see someone take arcade and make into a movie and movie is branded Disney. Well, sucks or not, I’m gonna watch it. I think it’s definitely great movie for kids. Lotsa cute stuff and all. But for teenage and adults maybe not so much. But I still believe some of them still do. Personally, I just find it okay.

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

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