Harddisk Partitioning

Twice in 24 hrs I encounter people needing to re-partition their hard drive without losing data or reformatting their PC. I’ve never actually done this before. I have never had the need to do so. Neither did I know that it’s possible.  I think this is something worth sharing.

There are different ways you can do that. I’ve googled and pick out some of the instructions on different ways you can do it. Of course you can google that yourself as well. My list are just basically example where I found that the author of the content gave very clear and comprehensive steps to follow which makes it easier for the lest techie person:

  1. Using WinSuit 2012
    It’s is pretty simple instruction to get the job done. However, you’d have to pay 50 bucks for the software.
  2. Using Window Administrative Tool by eHow.com
    This is video guide which leads you through how to do that by simply using the already available Windows’ Administrative tools. I think this one would be ideal since it’s free and doesn’t requite you to download and install extra software. But I’m not sure how effective can that be given the bad history of Windows default tools. Nevertheless, no harm giving it a try.
  3. Using GParted
    This is an old article on how you can do that with GParted with a backup software to do it. I think this is more for very a drastic change in partition. So you just simple want to take out some free space from your D drive and push it over to C, I don’t think there’s a need for this. I picked out this guide basically just intending to show that you can really go so far as a complete revamp of your partition.

I don’t think very often you’d need to re-partition your hard disk but as rare I thought, people still do need to do it. Again the above 3 different instruction is I picked out from google search and I’ve never actually tried it personally. So there’s no personal comment on my part on how effective each instruction is.

Harddisk Partitioning

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