Gangster Squad (2012)



There is a review done by the guys at SourceFed on this movie, and it pretty says it all for me. I’m really really disappointed with Gangster Squad. After seeing the trailer, I was having a lot of expectation hoping that it’s going to be a cool good old classic gangsters action movie.  Well it was but a very crappy version of it. Whatever cool scenes you see in the trailer are all there are. And the character development and emotional build-up were so poorly done. I didn’t feel the chemistry and their relationship is also not so believable.

I wanted so bad for it to be good but it just wasn’t. I thought Ryan Gosling was pretty cool and played his role pretty well. And oh Emma Stone, Emma Stone… why U NO nailed it? In the trailer, I got a glimpse of a very sexy, classy and elegant Emma Stone in and amazing red dress and I was.. well expecting her character to be like that. I don’t know if she tried at all but she just wasn’t any thing like I’d imagine. From the moment she started walking, she lost me. The only thing that probably made the impact for me was the dress. Once she’s out of that dress, she’s back to the usual Emma Stone.

In conclusion, despite the big stars line up, Gangster Squad definitely has failed to live up to the trailer. Personally, I think it’s not worth watching. For me, this movie just adds to the list of crap movie that each of those great actors and actress have been in.

Gangster Squad (2012)

7 Wonders

pic860217_mdAfter a long time in my wishlist, I finally manage to get it along with the first expansion pack. This is an awesome game to play with friends. The rules are intimidating at first but once you give it a try 1 or 2 games, it becomes very simple actually.

  • Game Overview
    The objective of 7 Wonders is to collect most victory points. The concept of the game is about building a civilization of your city and through that you’d obtain victory point. There 3 ages in the game and the game ends when the 3rd age finishes. Then victory points will be computed to get the game winner.
  • Purchase Detail
    Got this from BoardGame Rejuvenate. Together with the first expansion, I think it costs me about almost S$100 before the 10% off discount from membership. I can’t remember the exact price.
  • Rating: 10/10
    This is definitely my most favorite board game so far. I love the concept, the artwork and the gameplay. There are also many varieties to your game and different strategies you can play depending what city you get. Couple with the 2 expansions, there are just so much you can do with the game. And I enjoy the interaction the game provides. This is probably the first game I’ve played where you really need to pay attention to what your neighbors are doing, what they build, what they own etc… Love it!
  • Complexity: 6/10
    The rule book does make it sounds quite complex but if you watch any review of this game, people will tell the same thing. It sound complicated and it also looks complicated but the truth is it’s not. You just need to give it 1 or 2 game to understand that it’s not complicated. With that said, it’s probably not a game for casual player where they need something easily learnt and easily played.
  • Luck : 5/10
    I think the only luck part that involves in this game is from the shuffling of card. Which city you end up getting, which structure card you get during the play and what your neighbors are getting. However, luck only affect you to certain level. I think your strategy in the game play a more important role in getting you points. So unless you get a really really bad cards for your city, you can still strategize your game to win with the cards you get. Hence, I don’t rate give it a lot of luck rating because I truly believe can strategize to score and win despite your poor luck.
  • Replay Value: 9/10
    I’m giving this 9/10 because I’ve played the game and currently there are 2 awesome expansions which I think give the game a lot of varieties. So with the core game and the 2 expansions, your game will be more or less different everytime. The replay-ability is very high as there are a lot of different way you can go.
  • Strategy: 7/10
    I don’t think you have to spend a lot of brain power on this but you still have to pick your best approach to how you want to build your city and get points. On top of that, you have to really really observe your neightbor and downplay them so they are not able to accumulate as much victory points. It sounds very simple but it’s quite a lot to take in at the same time during the game if you’re not a very serious player.
  • Expansion
    Currently there’re 2 expansion release for this game Leaders (2011) and Cities (2012).
    I haven’t gotten my set of Cities expansion yet but I more or less know what is the expansion adding to the game and I can’t wait to play all of them together!
  • Extra Info
    7 Wonders Review by Starlit Citadel
    7 Wonders Leaders Expansion Review by Tom Vasel
    7 Wonders Review by BoardGameFamily
    More Info @ BoardGameGeek
7 Wonders

Lord of The Rings The Card Game


My original intention was to just get Qwirkle but I had two $10 voucher and 1 item only allowed usage of 1 voucher. So I had to get another game. I wanted to grab Carcassonne but it wasn’t in stock. So yeah, somehow I just grabbed this. I had absolutely no idea what the game is about. All I know it’s something about Lord of the Rings which I love and it’s a card game.

  • Game Overview
    This game is basically a strategy questing adventure co-op card game. As the name sounds, the game is more or less about Lord of the Ring and the game object is basically to complete your quest as your adventure through Middle Earth.
  • Purchase Details
    I got this at BoardGame Rejuvenate for S$44 original price is S$60 but with my membership, I got %10 off and also the $10 voucher mentioned above.
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • My Rating: —
    I can’t rate this yet. As I haven’t really thoroughly played it. Having a hard time absorbing all the rules and instruction.
  • Complexity: 9/10
    From my personal opinion that is. For the first time, I had a read a rule book so thick. There’s so much rules and stuff. And before you can even absorb the original rules, they keep intimidating you by tell you that there’s expansion for this expansion for that. Then each round of play there are like 7 major phase which is broken up into small steps. Also there are a bunch of rules to observed. This game is meant for serious play. No place for casual player.
  • Luck: 5/10
    I’m probably not a good judge of luck level. But basically, this game the part that involves luck is what are the ability, allies, or items you get from the shuffle deck (as usual for most of the card games) and what monster you end up encountering during your quest. If you get good attack cards and meet lousy monsters, then it’s a breeze otherwise you would have to rack your brain and strategize to win.
  • Strategy: 8/10
    I’ve not really played this game seriously but I think there are a lot strategizing involved. Doing the right preparation, managing your risk wisely, and play the right tactic for the battle. You’d really have to rack your brain and take in all the rules and attributes of the cards, the monster cards, your threat level and your quest progress… So yes 8.
  • Replay Value: 8/10
    I give it an 8 because if you have more cards (from the expansion) and more quest cards (also from the expansion pack), you would a lot of possibilities of how things can go and also you have the hero cards which gives different attributes. So you can choose different heroes for this game. I think 8 might not even do this game justice for replay rating. But since I don’t own a large enough expansion pack to fully grasp the variety of the game.
  • Extra Info
    Lord of the Rings : Card Game Review by Tom Vasel
    Lord of the Rings : Card Game Review by Ryan Metzler
    More Info @ BoardGameGeek click here.
Lord of The Rings The Card Game

Console Game Emulator

Way back long time ago when I couldn’t afford a console, I was really into this. The problem was the emulator back then wasn’t good enough. And the internet connection wasn’t fast enough to download the ROM as well. On top of that, the PC graphic card those days can barely handle it. The ones that can are extremely expensive. Only nowadays, after my friend and brother tried it and it works great. Now I’m back to emulator again. So here I’m going share some stuffs about the emulator I’m using.

  1. Emulator: ePSXe and PSCX
    I’m mainly into PS and PS2 RPG games. The 2 best emulator for PS / PS2 games are ePSXe and PCSX 2. Currently, I’m using ePSXe ver 1.8.0 and PCSX 2 ver 1.0.
  2. Bios
    The main problem we’d encounter right away after installing the emulator is that we’re supposed to choose a bios to run the game but no bios found. I think we’re supposed to extract the bios ourselves or something. But of course, we aren’t going to that. You can get bios for PCSX2 here and here. If the links no longer working you just google them with keyword like “pcsx2 1.0 bios”.
    As for ePSXe, get them here, here, or here.When you got your bios package, chances is that you’d have many version of bios. Rule of thumb for me, I just choose the latest bios. For ePSXe, I’m using scph7502 bios. Below is the screenshot for my PCSX2 bios setup.
  3. Plugins
    By right, from default installation you should already have a set of plugins at your disposal. These plugins are probably very intimidating for newbie to emulator. There are a lot of things to set. But usually, if the default set up works fine for you and you’re happy with there’s no reason to mess with it. But as currently, I’m using ePSXe to play FFIX, I find the default setup isn’t good enough so I google around for the best Video and Sound plugins to use.

    My plugins for PSCX2 is by default, I haven’t started using it yet so there’s no customization.


    As for ePSXe, which currently I’m using to play my FFIX, I’ve changed the video plugin to Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 and sound plugin to P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.9, which according to forum, are the best plugin for plugins for ePSXe.


    Video Plugin Configuration: This is my configuration for my video plugin


    It looks really really intimidating but fortunately, there’s a quick to set it. If you notice, there’s a Default settings box where you can quickly choose Fast or Nice. Usually, if your graphic card is not that powerful, you’d want to click the “Fast” button. The nice button would help enhance your game graphic to look nicer and sharper on your very high resolution monitor.

    One thing to note about this video plugin is that you’d might have “Missing render-texture extension – No Pixel format Available” error. To resolve this, you can simply, choose “None” for texture filtering.

  4. Configuring KeyPad
    It’s getting easier from here. Almost the fun part. So yeah before you can start enjoying your game you need to configure your keypad first. You can configure your keyboard to play but it’s more advisable to get a controller.
  5. ROM ISO
    Of course, to play the game you need the game to run from the emulator. They call it ROM and ROM comes in ISO form. So basically, you just need to download this ROM thing and run it from your emulator.
    My 2 main source for ROM is RomHuslter and Emuparadise. I think these two would have plenty of game to quench your thirst for gaming.

Finally, after all the trouble, time to enjoy your game!

Console Game Emulator

We Are Young by Fun

Previously, I did my top selection of cover on Titanium. Now is another post for We Are Young by Fun. A great song. It’s nominated for best record of the year for Grammy.

  1. We Are Young (Cover) by Tiffany Alvord, Alex Goot, and Luke
    Vocally, I don’t think this is the best version out there. However, this version suits my taste the most and I love the video. The video is very pleasant and cheerful which very much suits the song.
  2. We Are Young (Cover) by Little Mix
    Wow! this acoustic version simply amazing very very harmonized. I really love what they do with it.
  3. We Are Young (A Capella Cover) by Mike Tompkins
    A Capella version from one of my most favorite youtube musician. Talented as usual, and he made it sound very pleasant and cheerful. Great great effort. But somehow, I just prefer this song with more female’s voice.
  4. We Are Young (Cover) by Jon D & Alex G
    Now it’s official, I definitely like this song better with girl’s voice. Her voice is amazing at least or this song. It’s only down at #4 because it sounds the closest to the original version.
  5. We Are Young (Cover) by Jake Coco, Corey Gray, Caitline Hart
    This is yet another great version too some of you may think the other rendition listed below may sound better. Probably but I kinda like this one better.

So that’s my top 5. And below are some more of the really good ones.

We Are Young by Fun