We Are Young by Fun

Previously, I did my top selection of cover on Titanium. Now is another post for We Are Young by Fun. A great song. It’s nominated for best record of the year for Grammy.

  1. We Are Young (Cover) by Tiffany Alvord, Alex Goot, and Luke
    Vocally, I don’t think this is the best version out there. However, this version suits my taste the most and I love the video. The video is very pleasant and cheerful which very much suits the song.
  2. We Are Young (Cover) by Little Mix
    Wow! this acoustic version simply amazing very very harmonized. I really love what they do with it.
  3. We Are Young (A Capella Cover) by Mike Tompkins
    A Capella version from one of my most favorite youtube musician. Talented as usual, and he made it sound very pleasant and cheerful. Great great effort. But somehow, I just prefer this song with more female’s voice.
  4. We Are Young (Cover) by Jon D & Alex G
    Now it’s official, I definitely like this song better with girl’s voice. Her voice is amazing at least or this song. It’s only down at #4 because it sounds the closest to the original version.
  5. We Are Young (Cover) by Jake Coco, Corey Gray, Caitline Hart
    This is yet another great version too some of you may think the other rendition listed below may sound better. Probably but I kinda like this one better.

So that’s my top 5. And below are some more of the really good ones.

We Are Young by Fun

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