Console Game Emulator

Way back long time ago when I couldn’t afford a console, I was really into this. The problem was the emulator back then wasn’t good enough. And the internet connection wasn’t fast enough to download the ROM as well. On top of that, the PC graphic card those days can barely handle it. The ones that can are extremely expensive. Only nowadays, after my friend and brother tried it and it works great. Now I’m back to emulator again. So here I’m going share some stuffs about the emulator I’m using.

  1. Emulator: ePSXe and PSCX
    I’m mainly into PS and PS2 RPG games. The 2 best emulator for PS / PS2 games are ePSXe and PCSX 2. Currently, I’m using ePSXe ver 1.8.0 and PCSX 2 ver 1.0.
  2. Bios
    The main problem we’d encounter right away after installing the emulator is that we’re supposed to choose a bios to run the game but no bios found. I think we’re supposed to extract the bios ourselves or something. But of course, we aren’t going to that. You can get bios for PCSX2 here and here. If the links no longer working you just google them with keyword like “pcsx2 1.0 bios”.
    As for ePSXe, get them here, here, or here.When you got your bios package, chances is that you’d have many version of bios. Rule of thumb for me, I just choose the latest bios. For ePSXe, I’m using scph7502 bios. Below is the screenshot for my PCSX2 bios setup.
  3. Plugins
    By right, from default installation you should already have a set of plugins at your disposal. These plugins are probably very intimidating for newbie to emulator. There are a lot of things to set. But usually, if the default set up works fine for you and you’re happy with there’s no reason to mess with it. But as currently, I’m using ePSXe to play FFIX, I find the default setup isn’t good enough so I google around for the best Video and Sound plugins to use.

    My plugins for PSCX2 is by default, I haven’t started using it yet so there’s no customization.


    As for ePSXe, which currently I’m using to play my FFIX, I’ve changed the video plugin to Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 and sound plugin to P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.9, which according to forum, are the best plugin for plugins for ePSXe.


    Video Plugin Configuration: This is my configuration for my video plugin


    It looks really really intimidating but fortunately, there’s a quick to set it. If you notice, there’s a Default settings box where you can quickly choose Fast or Nice. Usually, if your graphic card is not that powerful, you’d want to click the “Fast” button. The nice button would help enhance your game graphic to look nicer and sharper on your very high resolution monitor.

    One thing to note about this video plugin is that you’d might have “Missing render-texture extension – No Pixel format Available” error. To resolve this, you can simply, choose “None” for texture filtering.

  4. Configuring KeyPad
    It’s getting easier from here. Almost the fun part. So yeah before you can start enjoying your game you need to configure your keypad first. You can configure your keyboard to play but it’s more advisable to get a controller.
  5. ROM ISO
    Of course, to play the game you need the game to run from the emulator. They call it ROM and ROM comes in ISO form. So basically, you just need to download this ROM thing and run it from your emulator.
    My 2 main source for ROM is RomHuslter and Emuparadise. I think these two would have plenty of game to quench your thirst for gaming.

Finally, after all the trouble, time to enjoy your game!

Console Game Emulator