Lord of The Rings The Card Game


My original intention was to just get Qwirkle but I had two $10 voucher and 1 item only allowed usage of 1 voucher. So I had to get another game. I wanted to grab Carcassonne but it wasn’t in stock. So yeah, somehow I just grabbed this. I had absolutely no idea what the game is about. All I know it’s something about Lord of the Rings which I love and it’s a card game.

  • Game Overview
    This game is basically a strategy questing adventure co-op card game. As the name sounds, the game is more or less about Lord of the Ring and the game object is basically to complete your quest as your adventure through Middle Earth.
  • Purchase Details
    I got this at BoardGame Rejuvenate for S$44 original price is S$60 but with my membership, I got %10 off and also the $10 voucher mentioned above.
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • My Rating: —
    I can’t rate this yet. As I haven’t really thoroughly played it. Having a hard time absorbing all the rules and instruction.
  • Complexity: 9/10
    From my personal opinion that is. For the first time, I had a read a rule book so thick. There’s so much rules and stuff. And before you can even absorb the original rules, they keep intimidating you by tell you that there’s expansion for this expansion for that. Then each round of play there are like 7 major phase which is broken up into small steps. Also there are a bunch of rules to observed. This game is meant for serious play. No place for casual player.
  • Luck: 5/10
    I’m probably not a good judge of luck level. But basically, this game the part that involves luck is what are the ability, allies, or items you get from the shuffle deck (as usual for most of the card games) and what monster you end up encountering during your quest. If you get good attack cards and meet lousy monsters, then it’s a breeze otherwise you would have to rack your brain and strategize to win.
  • Strategy: 8/10
    I’ve not really played this game seriously but I think there are a lot strategizing involved. Doing the right preparation, managing your risk wisely, and play the right tactic for the battle. You’d really have to rack your brain and take in all the rules and attributes of the cards, the monster cards, your threat level and your quest progress… So yes 8.
  • Replay Value: 8/10
    I give it an 8 because if you have more cards (from the expansion) and more quest cards (also from the expansion pack), you would a lot of possibilities of how things can go and also you have the hero cards which gives different attributes. So you can choose different heroes for this game. I think 8 might not even do this game justice for replay rating. But since I don’t own a large enough expansion pack to fully grasp the variety of the game.
  • Extra Info
    Lord of the Rings : Card Game Review by Tom Vasel
    Lord of the Rings : Card Game Review by Ryan Metzler
    More Info @ BoardGameGeek click here.
Lord of The Rings The Card Game

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