7 Wonders

pic860217_mdAfter a long time in my wishlist, I finally manage to get it along with the first expansion pack. This is an awesome game to play with friends. The rules are intimidating at first but once you give it a try 1 or 2 games, it becomes very simple actually.

  • Game Overview
    The objective of 7 Wonders is to collect most victory points. The concept of the game is about building a civilization of your city and through that you’d obtain victory point. There 3 ages in the game and the game ends when the 3rd age finishes. Then victory points will be computed to get the game winner.
  • Purchase Detail
    Got this from BoardGame Rejuvenate. Together with the first expansion, I think it costs me about almost S$100 before the 10% off discount from membership. I can’t remember the exact price.
  • Rating: 10/10
    This is definitely my most favorite board game so far. I love the concept, the artwork and the gameplay. There are also many varieties to your game and different strategies you can play depending what city you get. Couple with the 2 expansions, there are just so much you can do with the game. And I enjoy the interaction the game provides. This is probably the first game I’ve played where you really need to pay attention to what your neighbors are doing, what they build, what they own etc… Love it!
  • Complexity: 6/10
    The rule book does make it sounds quite complex but if you watch any review of this game, people will tell the same thing. It sound complicated and it also looks complicated but the truth is it’s not. You just need to give it 1 or 2 game to understand that it’s not complicated. With that said, it’s probably not a game for casual player where they need something easily learnt and easily played.
  • Luck : 5/10
    I think the only luck part that involves in this game is from the shuffling of card. Which city you end up getting, which structure card you get during the play and what your neighbors are getting. However, luck only affect you to certain level. I think your strategy in the game play a more important role in getting you points. So unless you get a really really bad cards for your city, you can still strategize your game to win with the cards you get. Hence, I don’t rate give it a lot of luck rating because I truly believe can strategize to score and win despite your poor luck.
  • Replay Value: 9/10
    I’m giving this 9/10 because I’ve played the game and currently there are 2 awesome expansions which I think give the game a lot of varieties. So with the core game and the 2 expansions, your game will be more or less different everytime. The replay-ability is very high as there are a lot of different way you can go.
  • Strategy: 7/10
    I don’t think you have to spend a lot of brain power on this but you still have to pick your best approach to how you want to build your city and get points. On top of that, you have to really really observe your neightbor and downplay them so they are not able to accumulate as much victory points. It sounds very simple but it’s quite a lot to take in at the same time during the game if you’re not a very serious player.
  • Expansion
    Currently there’re 2 expansion release for this game Leaders (2011) and Cities (2012).
    I haven’t gotten my set of Cities expansion yet but I more or less know what is the expansion adding to the game and I can’t wait to play all of them together!
  • Extra Info
    7 Wonders Review by Starlit Citadel
    7 Wonders Leaders Expansion Review by Tom Vasel
    7 Wonders Review by BoardGameFamily
    More Info @ BoardGameGeek
7 Wonders

2 thoughts on “7 Wonders

  1. Definitely get Cities, its a fantastic expansion. And it adds an extra card per round, which actually makes quite an improvement.
    You give 6/10 for complexity, but are you giving it demerits for not being complex? Because I don’t think that’s a fault.

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