Gangster Squad (2012)



There is a review done by the guys at SourceFed on this movie, and it pretty says it all for me. I’m really really disappointed with Gangster Squad. After seeing the trailer, I was having a lot of expectation hoping that it’s going to be a cool good old classic gangsters action movie.  Well it was but a very crappy version of it. Whatever cool scenes you see in the trailer are all there are. And the character development and emotional build-up were so poorly done. I didn’t feel the chemistry and their relationship is also not so believable.

I wanted so bad for it to be good but it just wasn’t. I thought Ryan Gosling was pretty cool and played his role pretty well. And oh Emma Stone, Emma Stone… why U NO nailed it? In the trailer, I got a glimpse of a very sexy, classy and elegant Emma Stone in and amazing red dress and I was.. well expecting her character to be like that. I don’t know if she tried at all but she just wasn’t any thing like I’d imagine. From the moment she started walking, she lost me. The only thing that probably made the impact for me was the dress. Once she’s out of that dress, she’s back to the usual Emma Stone.

In conclusion, despite the big stars line up, Gangster Squad definitely has failed to live up to the trailer. Personally, I think it’s not worth watching. For me, this movie just adds to the list of crap movie that each of those great actors and actress have been in.

Gangster Squad (2012)