Brothers Rojak



I never really like Rojak in Singapore. I can only eat the good ones in Malaysia. I try a few different places in Singapore but none of them I can really eat and most of the time I left them unfinished. But ever since I moved to Clementi, I always see this Rojak store having a very long queue. So one day, I joined the queue. Took away S$ 3 of Rojak. After that, I’m hooked. Definitely, the best Rojak I’ve had in Singapore. Then again I don’t really go around the country to try a lot of Rojak. So maybe there are better ones. But for me, a rojak that can keep me coming back for more is definitely special because I don’t really come back for more rojak. Another special thing about this rojak store it that they can make me like to eat pineapple that comes with this rojak. It’s a big deal because I don’t eat pineapple at ALL whether it’s pineapple on the Hawaiian pizza, or cooked pineapple, or any kind of pineapple. But this rojak makes me want to have pineapple in it.

It goes well with chili because without chili it’s rather sweet. Once a week, I’ll have it as my dinner. Definitely a must-try.

Name: Brothers Rojak
Address: 449 Clementi Ave 3, #01-211 (See Lam Hern Coffeeshop), Singapore, 120449
Price: S$3.00/4.00/5.00/6.00/7.00/8.00 depending on how much rojak you want
Category: Snack
Trade: Awesome!
Comment: The best rojak I’ve had in Singapore so far. Rather sweet but goes well with chili.

Brothers Rojak

Yue Yi Tai Shan Popiah


I don’t have really have a lot of popiah in Singapore because I find that they are not as nice as the ones in my country. Back there, we take the stronger taste food so the popiah there are saltier and the popiah’s skin are thicker and chewier. Not sure if I can describe it that way but that’s how I felt. However, ever since I moved to Clementi, I always walk pass this Popiah store almost everyday and everytime I walk pass the store it has a long queue. So one day, out of curiosity, I joined the queue. After like forever of waiting in the queue, I finally manage to buy 1 to try. Then I suddenly regretted it. I should’ve bought at least 2. It was really good. The best I’ve ever had in Singapore. Not that I have had a lot of popiah here but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the better ones around if not one of the best.

Since then I’m hooked. Whenever, I’m not really busy from work I don’t mind waiting 20-30 mins for 2 popiahs. That’s how good it is for me. After becoming a customer, I understood why the wait is always long. Not only that many people wants to buy but also because the auntie make very slow. She’ll be taking her own sweet time to make the popiah properly as if she’s in no hurry to take your money and instead more concern with making a nice proper popiah. This is something we don’t see often in food sellers nowadays and something I really embrace and value. I believe this is why many customers including myself don’t mind the wait at all because we know it’s worth it.

Why do I like it? Actually, I find it a bit sweet but somehow I don’t mind. She put a good mix of ingredients and the skin is home made with a great texture. The chili is very spicy (at least for me) but I think it’s a must. It’s great. Definitely must try.

Name: Yue Yi Thai Shan Popiah
Address: See Lam Hern Coffeeshop (449 Clementi Ave. 3. #01-211.), Singapore 120449
Price: S$1.50 for 1
Rating: Great
Category: Snack
Comment: The best popiah I’ve had in Singapore so far.

Yue Yi Tai Shan Popiah