G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Porridge


Another round table dinner after our 12 km from Redhill to Kallang. We rewarded ourselves with a bull frog porridge dinner at this restaurant. We ordered 8 frogs (S$60). Since 4 frogs free 3, we got a total of 14 frogs cooked into 4 pots, 2 spicy and 2 non-spicy. Then we also order a very expensive fried egg (S$10), deep fried squid (can’t remember how much), and lastly fried sea fish (S$58+). I’m not sure if I was very hungry or it is really that nice but I find the frog porridge very good. The sauce tastes well with the porridge and their porridge is very thick and smooth. I prefer the non-spicy to the spicy one because I don’t like the chili smell it has in the sauce instead I prefer the ginger smell and taste of the non-spicy sauce. All in all it’s great. I had so many bowl of porridge.

However their other dishes is not that nice and definitely very expensive. I can get a much nicer fish of the same size in Clementi for only around 20 bucks but it costs us like S$60 for fish there. Even that bit of fried egg cost 10 bucks. A total ripped off. So in conclusion, it’s a good place to go for frog porridge but maybe not other dishes.

Name: G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Porridge
Address: Gaylang Rd
Taste: Great
Comment: I only liked the frog porridge among all the things we ordered.

G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Porridge

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