Lao Ban Beancurd

111019_Lao Ban Soya Beancurd-001

Honestly, I never really go around Clementi much to explore food around there. Just the other I met my friend along the way back home after dinner he was carrying so many bowl of beancurd. Then I was like how come you buy so many bowls. Then he was telling about this famous beancurd stall at Old Airport Road and they open a branch in City Vibe Clementi. Apparently, one of the most famous beancurd store in Singapore open a branch near my house and I’ve near really tried it. So yeah one day on the way back home, I drop by to get a bowl. They literally only sell beancurd in the stall. There are two flavors─original and almond. The original 1 bowl is $1.50. Quite cheap, so I just bought two bowls.  I’m never really into burncurd that much. In fact, I never really eat any in Singapore. To my surprise, when I got home I finish the 2 bowls almost instantly. It was so good. Well at least for me. Since, it’s been 1 of my regular desserts. And every time, I’d have 2 bowls at least. Definitely a must-try even if you’re never really into beancurd. Now I feel like trying the other famous beancurd stalls around.

Name: LAO BAN Soya Beanncurd
Address: City Vibe @ Clementi
Price: Original $1.50, Almond $2.00
Category: Dessert

Comment: Suits my liking. I love it. 

Lao Ban Beancurd

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