Udder Ice Cream


Yesterday, I had a gathering with some old friends for chit chat. And it turned out to be my little food venture at Siglap Rd. After our dinner. We went for ice cream at Udders Ice Cream. Apparently, it’s very famous for having strong alcohol taste in ice cream. And also that their ice cream is very nice. I had a double scoop with one Tiramisu and Run & Raisin. 1 double scoop costs $8.00. I’ve gotta say wow the alcohol level is really strong in this one (compared to most Ice Cream I’ve tried). Better still, they even manage to add alcohol to tiramisu flavor. I was like what?? you really put alcohol in everything… not bad. Taste quite nice. 😉

Name: Udders Ice Cream
Address: Siglap Rd
Price: Double scoop $8.00
Comment: Definitely to my liking. The ice cream is thick, not too sweet and best of all has a strong alcohol taste.

20130316_211431 copy

Udder Ice Cream

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