Argo (2012)



Finally, I get to see the Best Motion Picture of 2012. The famous Argo acted and directed by Ben Affleck. Argo is a story about an ex-filtration specialist, played by Ben Affleck, takes on a what considered to be impossible job of extracting 6 American fugitives out of a revolutionary Iran. Argo is good movie, full of clever and witty conversations but definitely not a Best Motion Picture of the year for me. Anyway, oh well, looking at the Oscar nominee line up for 2012, I can see why Argo won it.

The film, the set, and casts seems very realistic and documentary. It’s also very intense. That’s what I like about it. The show keep me wondering who the hell do them film it. A great job from Ben Affleck in both acting and directing. This guy is epic. Alan Arkin is also great in the movie. Very deserving for his oscar nominee in supporting role.

All in all, Argo is a great and intense movie. Great if you’re looking for something realistic and serious. However, some may find it too American for their taste. I know I did.

Argo (2012)

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