Amara Sanctuary Resort


I went there for my company’s team building event. The event started with a lunch buffet at one of the restaurant in the resort called Shutters. Personally, I didn’t think the lunch was very good. The beef was very good but the rest were okay. The fish was the worst. Still, it was a free buffet so I just completely filled my stomach. Then we head over to conference room for team building event. After like an hour or so into the event around 3:30pm, there was refreshment which they served mini croissants and strudels. The strudels were awesome I ate like almost 10 of them. By then I was super full. When the event finish around 5:45 pm, we head back to our room showered and get ready for pool side BBQ dinner at 6 pm. I was like what? Eat again? I hope the dinner isn’t good like lunch so I don’t have to eat much.

Well, it turned out the dinner was the best of all. I was expecting dinner to be like we do our own BBQ by the swimming pool but it wasn’t really so. We didn’t really do our own BBQ, it was done by the chef. So again all we did was just eating BBQ buffet dinner. Everything was so good. The salad and other appetizer were good. The barbecued beef were tender and juicy. The marinated barbecued chicken wing was also so good. Then there were char siew, barbecued prawn and fish. Then dessert melon with sago also good. I had like 3 bowls of it. Then around 8 pm alcohol came. I had a glass of red wine which I guess it was a cheap one because it taste pretty bad. After that I went for white wine which taste a lot better.

I’ve gotta admit though the dinner wasn’t really exactly like what I pictured it to be. I was thinking it would like a do-it-yourself barbecue by a big swimming pool in and open space with great view. However, the actual thing was just an already barbecued food buffet beside beside a pool which isn’t really a swimming pool and the pool was full tad poles. On top of that, the whole place was surrounded by trees blocking all views. The space beside the pool was so cramped that we had to stand to eat. Well, that’s probably a major turn-off for the whole experience. All in all, it was a full day of just eating.

The next day breakfast was again at the Shutters. Again, it wasn’t so good. And that wraps up my stay at Amara Sanctuary Resort. It’s my first time experiencing high class resort in Singapore so I don’t really I don’t really have anything for comparison. Overall, I would say it’s a pretty good experience.

Amara Sanctuary Resort

Jack Reacher (2012)



Jack Reacher is movie about Jack Reacher. Well, duh! Jack Reacher, the protagonist of the story, is an ex-military investigator. The plot of the film starts with a military sniper James Barr accused of murdering 5 innocent civilians. Instead of confession, he asks for Jack Reacher. From there on, the story progress to Jack Reacher working Barr’s defend attorney to investigate the case. It turned out that case is more serial and cold blooded then just a simple homicidal militant. Jack Reacher who lives for his own free will and justice and obey no law or regulation, decided to matter into his own hands.

I like it. Jack Reacher is one of my favorite genre. The crime thriller investigation film with twist in plot and conspiracy theory. All that stuffs. I like Reacher was able to slowly identify clues, questions things no one thought of, and tracing the evidences to reveal the bigger pictures. If you’re expecting actions, this isn’t much. But if you expecting investigations, then you are in for a treat. The letdown in this film for me is that I feel that it’s not extreme and complex enough. I wish the villain was more cold blooded and subtle in his scheme. Also his scheme should be more complex and Jack should get into a bit more trouble and struggle a bit more to win.

With that said, I still enjoy it. It’s just that I see the plot I like and it’s not great enough, I hope it can be made more awesome. Overall, I’d recommend it for those who enjoy crime and investigation with conspiracy theory.

Jack Reacher (2012)

Pepperoniz Pizzeria @ Greenwood Ave


In our quest for delicious pizza, my friends and I decided to go for this Pepperoni Pizzeria at 6 Greenwood. We got a bit lost on our the way there because the place is located in a private residential area. I love it though. It’s quiet and serene. Definitely a great place to have peaceful meal with a small group of friends. The restaurant ambiance and decor is great too. Now, Let’s talk about the food. We went there not expecting and knowing much despite the fact that it’s famous and have good reviews. Still we were skeptical of how good can it be. 5 of us order a Family Pizza. It’s a freaking 21″ size pizza! And the our surprise, we can actually order 2 flavors in one pizza. I was like wow! We ordered Pancetta and Suprema. So then our pizza came, yet another pleasant surprise. Earlier before the pizza came, we were wondering if the pizza 21″ the slices would be very big how to divide and eat. However, they didn’t really slice it like normal pizza, it was slices up in small rectangular portion. As for the pizza itself, it’s the best pizza I’ve had so far. The sausage and mushroom on the Pancetta is so awesome that I complete ignore the fact that there’s onions. And you have to understand that I don’t eat tomato at all. Well, I like tomato source, juices and all but I simply don’t eat the actual tomato. But I literally chew up every tomato that came with the Suprema slice. Didn’t pick out any of them. It’s just great. All of us were so excited. Overall, a great and happy meal. I will definitely plan another trip to try out some other recommended flavor.

Name: Pepperoni Pizzer
Address: 6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park
Price: S$ 50 for Family Pizza, (see website for more pricing)
Category: Western
Comment: Best pizza I’ve had so far. Will definitely recommend it to friends.

Pepperoniz Pizzeria @ Greenwood Ave

Living In A Rush

Often I think I’m smarter than most. Often I think I know more than most. Truth is I’m not. Often I’d like to think I’m calm and composed. Truth is I’m not. I’m probably just being me – childishly arrogant. Secretly, I’m deeply appreciative of those who can accept and let me be myself. My good side is probably that eventually I come to realize it and make conscious effort to suppress that personality.

Anyway, this post isn’t really about my bad personality confession. It’s more about the fact that I feel that working life in Singapore has amplified that personality and turned it into a total negativity. Ever since I start working, I begin to notice that I gradually become more and more impatient with people and easily agitated with stupidity. If I had to guide someone to do something and the person doesn’t get it right away, I somehow became frustrated and annoyed somehow. Sometime silently wondering out loud in my … “How in the world you don’t get it?” Of course all these impatience and irritation are kept just in thought but many a time, I know it shows distinctively in my harsh and abrupt tone. I feel that it’s pretty unhealthy mentally. It causes me to view the person negatively thus not working so well with him. It also disturbs me in my doing my own work. Despite saying so, the sucking forces of the work and societal stress and pressure in this country seems to be pushing everyone over the edge. Thus one needs to go an extra mile and put great effort to keep calm and be forgiving.

All in all, it goes back to the post’s title. The life here is so fast pace that everyone seems to be constantly living in a rush unable to take it slow and be patient with people around us. Not only that we constantly brood over it and become frustrated when we have to work with “slow” ones. I’m no exception. But it’s just sometime when I actually have time a little time to sit down and think, this always comes up to mind. What’s the rush? why can’t we all just take it slow and enjoy life more? A food for thought.

Living In A Rush