Living In A Rush

Often I think I’m smarter than most. Often I think I know more than most. Truth is I’m not. Often I’d like to think I’m calm and composed. Truth is I’m not. I’m probably just being me – childishly arrogant. Secretly, I’m deeply appreciative of those who can accept and let me be myself. My good side is probably that eventually I come to realize it and make conscious effort to suppress that personality.

Anyway, this post isn’t really about my bad personality confession. It’s more about the fact that I feel that working life in Singapore has amplified that personality and turned it into a total negativity. Ever since I start working, I begin to notice that I gradually become more and more impatient with people and easily agitated with stupidity. If I had to guide someone to do something and the person doesn’t get it right away, I somehow became frustrated and annoyed somehow. Sometime silently wondering out loud in my … “How in the world you don’t get it?” Of course all these impatience and irritation are kept just in thought but many a time, I know it shows distinctively in my harsh and abrupt tone. I feel that it’s pretty unhealthy mentally. It causes me to view the person negatively thus not working so well with him. It also disturbs me in my doing my own work. Despite saying so, the sucking forces of the work and societal stress and pressure in this country seems to be pushing everyone over the edge. Thus one needs to go an extra mile and put great effort to keep calm and be forgiving.

All in all, it goes back to the post’s title. The life here is so fast pace that everyone seems to be constantly living in a rush unable to take it slow and be patient with people around us. Not only that we constantly brood over it and become frustrated when we have to work with “slow” ones. I’m no exception. But it’s just sometime when I actually have time a little time to sit down and think, this always comes up to mind. What’s the rush? why can’t we all just take it slow and enjoy life more? A food for thought.

Living In A Rush

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