Pepperoniz Pizzeria @ Greenwood Ave


In our quest for delicious pizza, my friends and I decided to go for this Pepperoni Pizzeria at 6 Greenwood. We got a bit lost on our the way there because the place is located in a private residential area. I love it though. It’s quiet and serene. Definitely a great place to have peaceful meal with a small group of friends. The restaurant ambiance and decor is great too. Now, Let’s talk about the food. We went there not expecting and knowing much despite the fact that it’s famous and have good reviews. Still we were skeptical of how good can it be. 5 of us order a Family Pizza. It’s a freaking 21″ size pizza! And the our surprise, we can actually order 2 flavors in one pizza. I was like wow! We ordered Pancetta and Suprema. So then our pizza came, yet another pleasant surprise. Earlier before the pizza came, we were wondering if the pizza 21″ the slices would be very big how to divide and eat. However, they didn’t really slice it like normal pizza, it was slices up in small rectangular portion. As for the pizza itself, it’s the best pizza I’ve had so far. The sausage and mushroom on the Pancetta is so awesome that I complete ignore the fact that there’s onions. And you have to understand that I don’t eat tomato at all. Well, I like tomato source, juices and all but I simply don’t eat the actual tomato. But I literally chew up every tomato that came with the Suprema slice. Didn’t pick out any of them. It’s just great. All of us were so excited. Overall, a great and happy meal. I will definitely plan another trip to try out some other recommended flavor.

Name: Pepperoni Pizzer
Address: 6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park
Price: S$ 50 for Family Pizza, (see website for more pricing)
Category: Western
Comment: Best pizza I’ve had so far. Will definitely recommend it to friends.

Pepperoniz Pizzeria @ Greenwood Ave

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