Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)



Star Trek Into Darkness is the second installment of the Star Trek movie franchise directed by JJ Abram. The first movie was an introduction the USS Enterprise, it’s crew and captain. Star Trek Into Darkness pick up from there and focuses on the bonding of its crew members ,(mainly the ship’s first officer Spock and its captain, James Kirk) and the introduction of the franchise’s very prominent villain-Khan.

For me, the fact that I wish for better acting from some of the characters, this installment is more or less as awesome as the first. The only reason I give it 1 rating below the first movie is because the first movie was the thing that brought me into the Star Trek world and the later installments would never be able to give me that first time feeling again no matter how awesome it is. Nevertheless, it’s still very good and meet every of my expectation. I’ve never seen Benedict Cumberbatch’s work before but I think he plays a very good Khan. At least that’s what I feel from the movie.

Like I’ve mentioned in the review of the first movie, I’m no Star Trek fan. I’ve neither seen the TV series nor read the book (if there’s any). I truly enjoyed Star Trek as a movie not a title spawned from a famous franchise. Sci-Fi genre isn’t really my thing. I’m more into fantasy and adventure. However, I think Star Trek has a good story. The cinematography of the film is awesome. And JJ Abram did such a good job in showing off the grandness and exhilarating view of the space and the ships. Truly ecstatic even to a non-space guy.

Definitely, one of the must-see movie of the year even for a non-Sci-Fi fan.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

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