After staying so long in in this country, I’ve got to admit that I’ve never actually eaten in any restaurant in Sentosa. I came as student and Sentosa is a tourist place. Everything there is overpriced. Well, at least mostly. This is, as far as I can remember, is probably the first time I eat at one. And it’s paid to for. 😛 It was company retreat lunch. An all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and salad lunch. Isn’t it awesome? It’s the first time that I had so much and so many different type of pizza, pasta and salad at once.

The buffet started with bread with tomato topping appetizer. The followed by salad. We were served Caesar and French Nicoise Salad. After that was Pizza time! Pizza Margherita, Pizza Quattro Formaggio, and Seafood Pizza (not sure what it’s called) were served to us one after another. Just when we were done with Pizza, the pasta came. I had their Trapizza Linguine (seafood pasta) and Spaghetti Carbonara.

I think their Pizza is quite good though not as good as the ones I tried at Pepperoni Pizzeria. But their pasta cannot make it for me. For salad, I liked their French Nicoise salad but not the Caesar salad. Oh and their ice lemon tea is awesome! One of the best I’ve tried. So I guess overall, it’s quite a good place to go and I think their price is not too expensive as well.

Some photos download below:


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