80’s Cafe

I somehow ended up checking the place out by chance. It’s  nice a cosy place. Quiet, serene, peaceful and relaxing. The decor is nice too. There’s a small dance studio in there, guitar and microphone. I can’t help but wonder if people actually come here to jam and practice dancing. Anyway, I as usual ordered mocha frappe my friends ordered strawberry smoothie, green tea frappe, and lastly, a cocktail—Sex On The Beach. My mocha frappe is awesome. Even better than Starbucks’ in my opinion. Not too sweet, not too much cream and the coffee aroma and after taste is nice. The strawberry frappe is not bad too but I still didn’t find green tea frappe any good.  However, my fiance said it is. So thumbs up for 80’s Cafe for being my new favorite place for mocha frappe. 😀

Sex on the Beach

Green Tea Frappe

80’s Cafe

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