Gloria Jean’s Coffee (Phnom Penh)


When I was back home this time, I manage to go and try one of the the overly-checked-in places among my Cambodian Facebook friends—Glorian Jean’s. We went there on Thursday evening which lucky for us, it was a one-for-one day. I, as usual, ordered mocha frappe, raisin danish, and croissant. My fiance, on the other hand, ordered green tea frappe. I’ve gotta admit, I’ve never actually tried Gloria Jean’s in Singapore since I’ve got Starbucks. So yeah it was pretty much my first time trying it. It’s pretty nice that they actually have free toppings for us to add ourselves. They have melted chocolate, caramel, and sprinkle toppings. We went to the Riverside branch but unfortunately for us, it was too crowded that day so we didn’t manage to get outdoor river-view seat.

Anyway, on to the menu. I didn’t like my mocha frappe at all. It’s too sweet and creamy for me. The raisin danish and croissant was just as bad. It tasted like a leftover. As for green tea, I’ve never been a big fan of green tea frappe so definitely sucks for me. But my fiance said it’s the best in town among those that she’s tried. So overall a thumbs down for me.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee (Phnom Penh)

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