Les Misérables (2012)


Les Misérables is a musical film that originate from a very famous musical play, which I’ve never seen. The movie is basically about a man named Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) who was a prisoner and then later released but to serve a parole. Yet he broke his parole but as luck have it, he was blessed with a second chance to relive his life. He give reinvent himself with a new identity for a new life. It was not too long that his hunter, inspector Javier (Russell Crowe), meet him and once again hunt him down to put him back in prison. During that time, Jean Valjean  also found a new purpose and peace in life by adopting a daughter named Cosette through a promise with her dying mother after suffering a horrible fate. The chase goes…

I’m definitely not into this kind of musical film. I still remember how I dislike Sweeney Todd. I couldn’t even finish the movie because of all the horrible singing. Well, apparently it’s just horrible to me. Anyway, I had similar experience with Les Misérables. It’s just that this time it’s not so because there are actually a few good songs that I like and some extraordinary performance from Anne Hathaway. I literally cry at the scene where Anne Hathaway was subjected to abuse which she then sang the I Dream The Dream piece.

All in all, I believe it’s a great movie, unless you are really not into this kind of musical film like me which you might find it quite boring. So yes, it’s subjective.

Les Misérables (2012)

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