Dark Shadows (2012)



Dark Shadows is about Bernabas Collins, heir to the Collins family, was cursed and turned into Vampire by a witch then buried alive. Some century later he was freed by some construction worker. He then make his return to Collins family which is currently in an impending doom. He then work to restore his family name in this modern era and also to battle his past nemesis.

In my opinion, Dark Shadows is a very poor effort from Tim Burton. I didn’t know whether it’s supposed to be funny or a Gothic humor. It’s kinda neither here nor there. And Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Dr. Julia Hoffman, also doesn’t seem to play any significant role in the movie as she usually does. To me, she seems to be in the movie because it’s Tim Burton directing and he somehow has to cast Johnny Depp and her.

All in all, I didn’t like the movie. The plot is mundane and predictable in every way.

Dark Shadows (2012)

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