The Big Dilemma: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

As much as I love my SIII, it’s almost time for me to recontact, which means time for me to decide on the next model to upgrade to. Before this, I’ve never actually bother to look around, the only upgrade model in my mind was Galaxy S4. I like my SIII so much that I assume S4 is pretty much a better version of SIII. Well, I don’t think I’m really wrong there. But there the different is when I was deciding on my SIII, I was using iPhone 4S and I didn’t like so I decided to switch to Android phone which during that time, among all the top Android smartphone SIII was a clear cut winner for me. Unfortunately, this time round there’re possible contenders. I’ve eliminated all options down to my top 2 favorite—HTC One and Galaxy S4.

So yes, I decided to go down the phone shop and spend an hour trying out these 2 models. I gave each of them half an hour each to give me an impression. After the trial, the impression was pretty much clear cut for me:

  • Design – Winner: HTC One
    I think it’s pretty much clear cut from the moment I laid eye on both phones. Though Samsung does improve the build quality in S4 to look less plastic than the SIII, it still somehow feels cheep. On the other hand, HTC One’s look is solid. Cool and classy aluminium body. If my criteria is just base on body design, there would be no second thought on HTC One. Also, until today I still having problem using my SIII one-handed, and the S4 undoubtedly is giving the same problem. The HTC One however feels just right for me both one-handed or two-handed.
  • Camera – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Pretty much expected from the specs and review I have read. Camera is one of my major consideration point thus fact that I find that HTC One’s camera loses out so obviously to S4 is a very big let down for me. I didn’t really do very thorough camera test like Android Central did. But just from quite a number of shots under different lighting, the diference was pretty much obvious for me. For all shots taken, I preferred the output from S4.
  • Performance – Winner: HTC One
    Although there were a lot of news about S4 having exceptional performance benchmark and stuff (I don’t know what is the performance benchmark for HTC One) but from my trial usage, I feel that HTC One feel smoother when switching between screens and running apps and stuffs. Then again it’s just a first impression feel.
  • Software Interface – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Of all the android phone I’ve tried, Samsung undoubtedly has the best out of the box interface design for me. And that’s a big deal for me because I don’t like doing a lot of UI customization on my phone as it usually eats up RAM and processing power. So I always stick with the default UI and whatever customization provided out of the box.
  • Customization – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    I’m big fan of customization and control which is why I switch from iOS to Android in the first place. From just 30 mins, I’ve spotted a lot of new awesome customization feature in the S4. Well not that HTC One doesn’t have any but S4 seems to pack more customization features.
  • The Small Things?? – Winner: HTC One
    I don’t really know how to categorize it but it’s just the things that make it feels right for me. One thing is the power button placement. I prefer HTC One’s on-the-top placement then the S4’s side placement. And also the key board and auto correction on HTC One feels a lot nice and better for me. And the boom sound speakers on HTC One is awesome! it’s located at the front make the sound more direct to you thus sounds better. Then the fact that it has no physical home button make it feel neat and clean and refreshing since I’ve been only using the one with physical home button.

After all that, I’m still undecided yet find myself wishing if only both of them can merge into one model. sighzz

The Big Dilemma: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

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