Lincoln (2012)


Lincoln is a story about …. Sir Abraham Lincoln. duh! Well, to be specific it focuses on the journey of his fight for the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

When I was watching this year Oscar, I honestly had the impression that Lincoln is there because it’s a patriotic movie. Chances are it’s going to be very American. Nah.. I’m not going to watch it. Then somehow one day, I’m just bored and ran out of things to watch. Okay so let’s watch it. It turned out amazing. Daniel Day-Lewis has some incredible acting. Very deserving of his Oscar. For even simple scene like when Sir. Abraham Lincoln is quiet and look thoughtful, Daniel Day-Lewis managed to project it so well that you can feel the emotional ride in his mind and the responsibility he shouldered as a father of a family and a father of a nation. My most favorite part of the movie has to be part where Mr and Mrs Lincoln was quarreling in the house because Mr Lincoln couldn’t stop their eldest son, Robert (played by JGL) from joining the army. It was such a powerful acting from both Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field that it just moved me to tears and leave an emotional mark in my memory. When a few minute scene can make you remember a movie for a long time, that movie is a great movie.

If you’re not in the mood for serious and heavily emotional movie, don’t watch it or you’d find it so-so or no good.

Lincoln (2012)

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