Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and critics lately. Some regarding hobbies and some products related. Then suddenly I’ve come to realize certain thing. I find that I tend to like harsh critics. Some of the reviewers / critics tend to like painting a rosy picture of everything and overly emphasizing on what they love about this products and in the process making me feeling positive about it but only to realize later that whatever that plus points of that product are, I don’t really need / use them at all. So in the sense, I get the sense of being ill informed and wrongly marketed. However, that is not to say that they’re wrongly or whatsoever. It’s just their style or the way they like to review it. It’s just that to me it’s not useful. So when you’ve actually been through enough reviews, you’d be able to tell more or less where the review is going and can more or less skip it and read another.

With that said, not all harsh critics are good as well. Some critics are overly harsh and bias to the point that it becomes quite obvious that they love / hate certain brand name. I like those critics who always start off very objective and go through the facts about he products and then proceed to offer their opinions on it. It’ll be great if they state clear that it’s just their opinion and not just go ahead and thrash talking the product. Lastly, I love it if the critic is very geeky about what their stuff and also target a larger group of audience in his review because I feel that nowadays, things are different and anybody can suddenly adopt a hobby and can afford to buy highly advance equipment. While they have the monetary capability, they lack the knowledge and experience to make well informed purchase. Unlike in the past, where most people who invest hard on certain product are usually hardcore enthusiast or professional. I feel nowadays the category of people who’re actually more in need of these great review are the amateur and newbies. All in all, to me a good review is one that should help me identify what is that I value in that product category and ultimately decide if certain features of product would suit my needs and usage or not.


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