Opening New Chapter

It’s been a long time since I last blog. Many things have been happening so quickly that I initially found myself having no time to do and eventually just stop it and couldn’t bring myself to start again. Instead spent my free time on other activities. Anyway, 2014 has been a very turbulent year so far. Ups and downs happening so quickly. Becoming a husband, work becoming unbearable, overseas life turning very stressful, moving back home, settling in new environment. I don’t know if I have been handling it well enough or not. Either way, here I am. Back home for good. 2015 is yet another opening of a new chapter. A chapter, where I switch job and working environment. Despite the joy and relief of leaving my current job, I’m looking at a very uncertain career path ahead. Where will I be working? Will I be able to work in a new environment? Will it be better than the old one? How much will I be making? One thing for sure is that I would be making less than what I used to. All in all, I feel it would be another challenging chapter ahead in 2015 at least for the start.

New year is around the corner. What? it’s 2 month away. Well 2 months is a short time. I plan to spend this break to refresh myself mentally and physically, and prepare myself for the challenge ahead. Read books, catch up on news, go to gym, get in shape, and socialize . Basically to spend my time productively. Meanwhile also weighing my options. But obviously things will not go as planned without determination and discipline. I still have a lot distractions. Video games, TV shows, movies, YouTube.. basically entertainment that keeps you procrastinating and being lazy. So well, need to push hard for it.

Honestly, at this point, I’m still not sure what exactly I want to do. I know what I don’t want to do. Like most people I guess. Actually, I have an idea of what I think would be great however it seems not too realistic at least not in a short time. I always picture myself running business with my family members or close trusted friends. They handle sales and I take care of operations. You might think why not? go ahead do it. Or you might not possible not that easy unless you already have a lot of money. To me, those are not the issues. The main thing is I don’t see myself as the business initiator a person to go out there make vision, enforce your vision on people and build partnership. If a business were to happen it, I would be the guy recruited by my friend. I would be willing to try and be very committed to it but it’s just that I don’t see myself the one starting it. In fact I don’t even know what to start. I’m practically a cynic when it comes to business venture. I can see a millions ways that I can go wrong but all the ways that it will go right is pretty much rely on luck some time. Because of that I always dismiss pretty much any idea I had. I just don’t know how to get people together. “Hey, let’s run a business. It’s gonna be awesome.” “Okay let’s do it.” If only it were that simple.

No matter what I will do my best and hope for the best. As I always believe that as long as you work hard, you’ll survive happily. Whether the riches would come or not it’s depend some time on luck to present opportunity and our ability to seize the opportunity which some time not so easy as it sounds. We can’t always stay in comfort zone, can we? Now it’s time for me to step out of mine.

Opening New Chapter

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