Bangkok Trip Tip

This is my 2nd time visiting Bangkok. This time it was a 4D3N trip. On my 1st time, I didn’t really pay much attention as it was mostly prepared and guided by brother. This time round I was there on my own, so I payed more attention to things. So here are some little tips in going around.

  • For 299฿, you can get a SIM card with 3 GB of Data and 100 baht of call/SMS credit valid for 8 days. The telecom network I went with was AIS. The 4G internet is very speedy almost everywhere I went.
  • Taking public taxi from Suvarnabhumi Airport to my hotel which as at Nana station costs 500฿ if go by highway.
  • Don’t forget hotel deposit. The hotel I stayed at which was Ambassador Hotel, the deposit is 1000฿.
  • BTS is used full to travel especially around heavily jammed area where Grab is not that practical. It’s quite a simple ordeal to purchase a 1 way trip ticket for BTS. You simply exchange for coin at Ticketing Counter if you don’t already have. Then go to the ticketing machine which looks like below photo. Do a look up on Fare Information diagram to see how ticket price you need to purchase. Once identified, you simply select and press the price button on the machine for your desired trip. After that, you can start to feed in coin till the required coin number go down to zero then a train ticket will be ejected at #3 area in the photo and coin change will be dropped at slot in area #4 in the photo.
  • One of the days, I planned to go clothes shopping at Platinum Pratunam and then to have seafood dinner at Siam Seafood next to Shibuya Pratunam. So instead of searching Google Map for direction from my hotel to Platinum Pratunam, I somehow was more focused on finding how to go to Shibuya Pratunam. So Google Map told me take 4 station from Nana to stop at Ratchathewi then walk about 800m to Shibuya. When we arrived at Shibuya, then only we realized that we need to walk like another 200 m to reach Platinum fashion mall then walk back after shopping. Only later then I realized that we could just stop at Chit lom (2 stop) or Siam (3 stop) and walk to Pratunam which is about the same distance but we would get to see and pass by famous shopping malls like Siam Paragon, Central World etc. Because of this mistake, we ended having to have another schedule to come to Siam for Siam Paragon and Siam Square One.
  • Don’t go Big C first. We made a mistake of heading to Big C first when we were there we had to buy a lot of stuffs (food, snack, toiletry, etc) that we don’t have enough hands to carry and it wasn’t possible to carry those stuffs around while exploring other shopping malls. And we also found out that Big C opens till 2 am. So we dropped the stuffs and leave Big C for Central World and other place first before coming back to it later at night to get those stuff back all over again then return to hotel.


Bangkok Trip Tip

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