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  • Date: 02-May-2018
  • Meal: Dinner
  • Rating:
    Food: 6/10 | Ambient: 7/10 | Variety: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 9/10
    Cuisine type: Local (Khmer), Western

Finally, I get to try this exclusive restaurant. This is one of those restaurants that I would never go on my own expense. I just happened to be lucky enough to join my new company on the day that they have function there. So I’d be sure to take not write a post about it 🙂

Our group was about 15-16 people so we booked ourselves a private room. The room was quite simple not that impressive. But yeah I guess the cost mostly goes to the services, which is excellent.

Base on this one-time experience, I didn’t find the food that fantastic. Not to my taste.

We had:

  • Takeo Sausage
    Comment: It tastes vaguely similar to one of the local street food called Kong Kep Bouk (Frog with mixed stuffing). Anyway, it’s quite good.
  • Scallops with Green Peppercorns
    Comment: Scallop was good but the rest of the vegetable side and topping not so much.
  • Banana Blossom with Pork Salad
    Comment: Lolz the pork was good but the banana blossom salad definitely not my thing.
  • Fish Amok
    Comment: Amok and Fish have never been my kind of food. But this amok is quite good. Quite mild not too flavored.
  • Grilled Prawn with Pra Hok sauce (served with white rice)
    Comment: As much as I love lobster, they cooked it a bit too raw for my liking plus I don’t like Pra Hok that much. But yeah still by the far the best dish among all others we had that evening.
  • Bamboo Shoot and Smoke Fish Soup
    Comment: Probably the worst dish of the night for me. Didn’t like bamboo shoot nor the taste of the soup. I just left it unfinished.

All in all, I’m not too sure if they didn’t order the right food or that’s basically the standard there but from that one experience it wasn’t memorable, at least not for that price. So yes, if you’re just going for fanciness and quality service, then probably the right place but just for good food, I don’t think I’d go again and recommend anybody to go.

MALIS Restaurants

80’s Cafe

I somehow ended up checking the place out by chance. It’s  nice a cosy place. Quiet, serene, peaceful and relaxing. The decor is nice too. There’s a small dance studio in there, guitar and microphone. I can’t help but wonder if people actually come here to jam and practice dancing. Anyway, I as usual ordered mocha frappe my friends ordered strawberry smoothie, green tea frappe, and lastly, a cocktail—Sex On The Beach. My mocha frappe is awesome. Even better than Starbucks’ in my opinion. Not too sweet, not too much cream and the coffee aroma and after taste is nice. The strawberry frappe is not bad too but I still didn’t find green tea frappe any good.  However, my fiance said it is. So thumbs up for 80’s Cafe for being my new favorite place for mocha frappe. 😀

Sex on the Beach

Green Tea Frappe

80’s Cafe

Gloria Jean’s Coffee (Phnom Penh)


When I was back home this time, I manage to go and try one of the the overly-checked-in places among my Cambodian Facebook friends—Glorian Jean’s. We went there on Thursday evening which lucky for us, it was a one-for-one day. I, as usual, ordered mocha frappe, raisin danish, and croissant. My fiance, on the other hand, ordered green tea frappe. I’ve gotta admit, I’ve never actually tried Gloria Jean’s in Singapore since I’ve got Starbucks. So yeah it was pretty much my first time trying it. It’s pretty nice that they actually have free toppings for us to add ourselves. They have melted chocolate, caramel, and sprinkle toppings. We went to the Riverside branch but unfortunately for us, it was too crowded that day so we didn’t manage to get outdoor river-view seat.

Anyway, on to the menu. I didn’t like my mocha frappe at all. It’s too sweet and creamy for me. The raisin danish and croissant was just as bad. It tasted like a leftover. As for green tea, I’ve never been a big fan of green tea frappe so definitely sucks for me. But my fiance said it’s the best in town among those that she’s tried. So overall a thumbs down for me.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee (Phnom Penh)

Yi Sang Chinese Restaurant (Chaktomuk)


I always eat at the Yi Sang in Almond hotel there. Never know that there’s another Yi Sang at riverside at all. Was introduced to this place by a friend after our coffee session at 80’s Cafe. A really good place. It’s located just at the riverside which is very windy and has a great view. Definitely a good place to enjoy a relaxing meal. We went there to eat Khmer Noodle (នំបាញ់ចុក). I ordered នំបាញ់ចុកណាមយ៉ា. The rest also ordered the same except my brother. He order the steak because it came with a free glass of red wine during happy hour.

In my opinion, the Khmer Noodle was so-so. I like it more flavored and salty. My brother’s steak is good but a bit over-cooked. Still, I’d recommend this place for it’s environment and views.

Name: Yi Sang Chinese Restaurant
Address: Chaktomuk. Along river side.
Price: US$ 12 – Steak, US$ 2.5 Khmer Noodle
Category: Chinese, Western, Local
Comment: Taste so-so but ambiance and view is great. 

Steak and red wine

Yi Sang Chinese Restaurant (Chaktomuk)



After staying so long in in this country, I’ve got to admit that I’ve never actually eaten in any restaurant in Sentosa. I came as student and Sentosa is a tourist place. Everything there is overpriced. Well, at least mostly. This is, as far as I can remember, is probably the first time I eat at one. And it’s paid to for. 😛 It was company retreat lunch. An all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and salad lunch. Isn’t it awesome? It’s the first time that I had so much and so many different type of pizza, pasta and salad at once.

The buffet started with bread with tomato topping appetizer. The followed by salad. We were served Caesar and French Nicoise Salad. After that was Pizza time! Pizza Margherita, Pizza Quattro Formaggio, and Seafood Pizza (not sure what it’s called) were served to us one after another. Just when we were done with Pizza, the pasta came. I had their Trapizza Linguine (seafood pasta) and Spaghetti Carbonara.

I think their Pizza is quite good though not as good as the ones I tried at Pepperoni Pizzeria. But their pasta cannot make it for me. For salad, I liked their French Nicoise salad but not the Caesar salad. Oh and their ice lemon tea is awesome! One of the best I’ve tried. So I guess overall, it’s quite a good place to go and I think their price is not too expensive as well.

Some photos download below:


Amara Sanctuary Resort


I went there for my company’s team building event. The event started with a lunch buffet at one of the restaurant in the resort called Shutters. Personally, I didn’t think the lunch was very good. The beef was very good but the rest were okay. The fish was the worst. Still, it was a free buffet so I just completely filled my stomach. Then we head over to conference room for team building event. After like an hour or so into the event around 3:30pm, there was refreshment which they served mini croissants and strudels. The strudels were awesome I ate like almost 10 of them. By then I was super full. When the event finish around 5:45 pm, we head back to our room showered and get ready for pool side BBQ dinner at 6 pm. I was like what? Eat again? I hope the dinner isn’t good like lunch so I don’t have to eat much.

Well, it turned out the dinner was the best of all. I was expecting dinner to be like we do our own BBQ by the swimming pool but it wasn’t really so. We didn’t really do our own BBQ, it was done by the chef. So again all we did was just eating BBQ buffet dinner. Everything was so good. The salad and other appetizer were good. The barbecued beef were tender and juicy. The marinated barbecued chicken wing was also so good. Then there were char siew, barbecued prawn and fish. Then dessert melon with sago also good. I had like 3 bowls of it. Then around 8 pm alcohol came. I had a glass of red wine which I guess it was a cheap one because it taste pretty bad. After that I went for white wine which taste a lot better.

I’ve gotta admit though the dinner wasn’t really exactly like what I pictured it to be. I was thinking it would like a do-it-yourself barbecue by a big swimming pool in and open space with great view. However, the actual thing was just an already barbecued food buffet beside beside a pool which isn’t really a swimming pool and the pool was full tad poles. On top of that, the whole place was surrounded by trees blocking all views. The space beside the pool was so cramped that we had to stand to eat. Well, that’s probably a major turn-off for the whole experience. All in all, it was a full day of just eating.

The next day breakfast was again at the Shutters. Again, it wasn’t so good. And that wraps up my stay at Amara Sanctuary Resort. It’s my first time experiencing high class resort in Singapore so I don’t really I don’t really have anything for comparison. Overall, I would say it’s a pretty good experience.

Amara Sanctuary Resort

Pepperoniz Pizzeria @ Greenwood Ave


In our quest for delicious pizza, my friends and I decided to go for this Pepperoni Pizzeria at 6 Greenwood. We got a bit lost on our the way there because the place is located in a private residential area. I love it though. It’s quiet and serene. Definitely a great place to have peaceful meal with a small group of friends. The restaurant ambiance and decor is great too. Now, Let’s talk about the food. We went there not expecting and knowing much despite the fact that it’s famous and have good reviews. Still we were skeptical of how good can it be. 5 of us order a Family Pizza. It’s a freaking 21″ size pizza! And the our surprise, we can actually order 2 flavors in one pizza. I was like wow! We ordered Pancetta and Suprema. So then our pizza came, yet another pleasant surprise. Earlier before the pizza came, we were wondering if the pizza 21″ the slices would be very big how to divide and eat. However, they didn’t really slice it like normal pizza, it was slices up in small rectangular portion. As for the pizza itself, it’s the best pizza I’ve had so far. The sausage and mushroom on the Pancetta is so awesome that I complete ignore the fact that there’s onions. And you have to understand that I don’t eat tomato at all. Well, I like tomato source, juices and all but I simply don’t eat the actual tomato. But I literally chew up every tomato that came with the Suprema slice. Didn’t pick out any of them. It’s just great. All of us were so excited. Overall, a great and happy meal. I will definitely plan another trip to try out some other recommended flavor.

Name: Pepperoni Pizzer
Address: 6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park
Price: S$ 50 for Family Pizza, (see website for more pricing)
Category: Western
Comment: Best pizza I’ve had so far. Will definitely recommend it to friends.

Pepperoniz Pizzeria @ Greenwood Ave