Updates On Some Cool Stuffs

First is something I’m very excited about. I have lost interest or should I say time to have time interest on anime for a long time. Finally, one title has sparked that interest again. That is the newly released Fate/Zero which will also be followed by Fate/Zero 2 in 2012. Here is an awesome cover!

Other that I also saw Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam and Hunter x Hunter 2011. After reading the manga, I’m really curious to what’s going be the storyline of Hunter x Hunter 2011 is it going to follow the manga and just whole other story?

Other than anime, I was browser AllYouLike then found some really interested and potentially useful software.

  1. ConceptDraw Office Pro
    This is actually interesting software. I’m think of trying it out.
  2. WebcamMax
    I seriously don’t know what people will use this for but interesting.
  3. Pearl Mountain Picture Collage Maker Pro v3.1.6.3545
  4. Microsoft Office 2010 PRO Plus
    Enough said.
  5. Cucusoft iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer
    A handy for apple product user on PC
  6. Collection of Programs For Data Recovery – AIO
    You’ll need this sometimes.
  7. Microsoft Visio Premium 2010
    Never know of this. Looks like something I need.
  8. Advanced SystemCare Pro
    This is good. Helps to clean shit of your com and help speed it up.
  9. Portable USB Apps
    I’m quite a fan of portable apps. Why? why not? a software that can run without installing is just awesome. And this is one giant epic collection of it.
Then I also came across two seemingly awesome games—Magic-The Gathering: Duel of the Planes (gameplay) and Darksiders (gameplay). The gameplay looks awesome. Although I don’t really play games nowadays, but since it’s looks very tempting to me, I thought it’s worth sharing.
Updates On Some Cool Stuffs

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones


Whoo! I finally completed the game. It took me about 20 hrs. Quite short I guess. Actually, I was playing The Sand of Time but it crashes half way for some reason. Then I had no choice but to play The Two Throne. The Two Thrones is pretty awesome. I love the dual weapon wielding feature and of course the epic almighty dark prince.

Prince of Persia: The Two Throne’s story started with the Prince bringing Kaileena back to Babylon to escape her fate (which I’m not sure was what but probably sth to do with her dying). Then just as Babylon came into sight, horror stuck the prince. The city in flame. The sound of chaos echo throughout the land. Then it began, the prince’s new adventure – a quest to save his city, his people and himself. A quest to destroy the Vizier.

The gameplay is classic Prince of Persia but it gets extremely annoying sometime when I had to keep on retrying countless time to get through certain part. Then again that’s the challenge of the game. There were many layouts the buildings and traps that requires us to understand the prince abilities and utilizes it correctly in order to get through each phase.

The game setting is well design too. And last but not least, the introduction of the prince alter ego – the dark prince. He couldn’t dual wield weapons (or more like he doesn’t need to). Instead he has a super awesome chain that allows him to do range attacks and give him extra maneuver ability (grab and swing). I manage to complete the game so quickly was also because I practically breeze through the game when he turned into dark prince.

I was a bit unsatisfied though, about the fact that I don’t know how he knew Farah since I didn’t manage to play the Forgotten Sand or The Sand of Time. So there was no recollection or excitement whatsoever when Farah came out.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Don’t Anyhow update Your PSP Custom Firmware

WARNING: Don’t anyhow update your PSP Customer Firmware when you’re in the middle of your game.

Complete the game before you do it. Recently, I don’t know what’s gotten into me (Maybe it’s World Cup) and I decided to update my PSP Custome Firmware to 5.05 GEN-C (Full) to play Fifa 2010. Then guess what!? When I went back to my Jeanne D’Arc, I couldn’t load the saved game and it says data is corrupted! WTH! I was one boss away from completing the game…. sighz…

Can’t be bothered to start the game all over again now. I just assume that I completed the game with the exception I miss the ending scene… really wth. I couldn’t complete my Crisis Core because memory card broke and now again with Jeanne D’Arc because of this. I really seem to have no luck completing any game on PSP. If it happens again with Valkyria Profile. I’m seriously going to sell it away.

Don’t Anyhow update Your PSP Custom Firmware

FB App: Battle Stations

My rating:

Battle Stations is by far the best Facebook game to date. The only game that I’ve been playing in Facebook for the longest time.  The concept of the game is simple. In the game, you’re a captain of your ship. You started of by picking your class (each class has their own benefits as you progress through the game). Your objective is basically to level up your captain and get resource to build up your ship by buying new ship (stronger or faster ship), buy stronger weapons and ship parts. You can also battle other players’ ship. As you reach high level, you might want to get involved into the more fun part of the game and that is joining a clan where you’ll be having clan war with another clan and stuff like that. Well, it’s a lot more fun than it sounds.

Battle Stations does me a lot of goods and some some bads. First of all, I had fun playing it. I made new friends and meet new people through the game. Through the friends I made in the game, I was able to learn a lot of things and went through a lot things with them. One definite takeaway for me would be that now I can outrightly say that I understand the feeling of those hardcore online gamer. On the down side, the game took away some of time as more as I became more engaged and in the game. Also it took quite a bit of my money. The first online game that I actually spend money on. -_- I hope there won’t be anymore after in the future. All in all, it’s been fun, playing with all your friend. It gives us sth to talk about, sth in common.

FB App: Battle Stations

Diablo 3

Ever since I came to university, I began to lose touch as well as interest in Computer (and Console) games. I guess things in university are just too messed up for you to take time and enjoy your game. But Diablo 3 is definitely a game that I must play no matter what. I was quite a big fan of Diablo 2. I still remember during my JC days, I kept on playing Diablo 2 over and over, and ended up completing the games more than 10 times with almost every character (exept Necromancer and Druid (´A`)). This next version of diablo is definitely awesome. I just hope that Blizzard do not focus the game too much online and ignore the offline players.

Anyway, I still have to wait for quite some time for it to release sigh… A friend of mine told me that it’s going to be release late 2009 while the other said early 2010. I am not sure either since I do not follow the news.

Diablo 3